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Be bold and vote for Wilson for 5th Congressional District

Cheney Free Press of Cheney, Washington

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Fed up with our do-nothing Congress? Want an alternative to Cathy McMorris Rodgers? Want to defeat CMR?

It is time be bold. Do you want to vote in Democrats or Republicans who are both forced to dial for dollars and not work for us?

Do you like the corrupting influence of big money in politics? Are you tired of career politicians who see Congress as a stepping-stone to a lucrative career? It is time to be bold.

Do you want to continue voting for inaccessible McMorris Rodgers who is focused on her political party rather than her constituents? Do you want to continue the lack of compromise and pay for a Congress that does nothing of which she is part of? It is time to be bold. Have you done the math?

Do you like doing the same thing and getting the same results? Look at history. Not since Tom Foley has a Democrat won the 5th District. They tried again in 2014 and got the same result. Why do no Democratic office holders run to defeat CMR? Why? They know the math. Do you want to waste your vote again? It is time to be bold.

Do you know Independent Dave Wilson has pledged not to take big money, not to accept a pension and not to work as a lobbyist?

Do you realize he wants to go to work for us in the broad political center?

Have you realized Wilson has the best chance to defeat CMR in the general election? Have you noticed his enthusiasm and commitment to listening to us? Did you know he has personally knocked on over 7,000 doors and, with help of his volunteers, has handed out over 77,300 brochures (as of July 3) and still doing more?

It is time for new leadership. It is time to stop voting along party lines. It is time to be bold and vote for Independent Wilson who will work to get things done for us. Be bold!

Karen Larsen Spokane

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Original Publication Date: July 14, 2016

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