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Aberdeen gets new police officer

The Aberdeen Times of Aberdeen, Idaho

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New Aberdeen Police Officer Zachany Monahan was issued the oath of office by Mayor Morgan Anderson during the regular city council meeting held Tuesday, Oct. 13. Present at the meeting were councilmembers Katherine O'Brien, Mary Leisy, Karalee Krehbiel-Bonzon, Brian Schneider, Larry Barrett and Craig Wampler.

Sergeant Delwyn Wheeler was given the Supervisor Certificate from Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST). This certificate is earned through a series of classes the officer takes to improve their leadership skills. Sergeant Wheeler has taken classes all over the state and spent a lot of time to earn the certificate. It is not something that every officer is able to earn. He was given the award by Aberdeen Police Chief Ray Dalling.

Councilmembers approved alcohol licenses for Country Boyz Pizza, El Jaliciense, Gabino Gonzalez, Mi Casita, Maverik and Stokes. These licenses are all approved pending they all get the license from the state of Idaho.

Jeremy Marley reported he has updated the city website. They are now getting their website through Network Solutions for $20 per month. They also can have email through them. He asked the councilmembers to check out what is on the site and give him some feedback on what needs to be changed. He said they can add calendars and other things if they desire. The site is He mentioned that is up for sale if they wish to purchase that name. It would be a few dollars a month.

Parks and recreation

Bonzon reported the playground at Posse Park is coming along well. They made some great improvements on Saturday, Oct. 10. They are asking parents to keep their children away from the playground because currently it is very dangerous.

Barrett mentioned a basketball backboard at Posse Park is broken. He was told that backboard is on the repair list. Planning and Zoning, equipment

Barrett reported at the last meeting that Planning and Zoning was having some inspector issues but that is all working fine for now. The issues seem resolved at present.

He also said he reported at the last meeting that Planing and Zoning was having issues, getting a quorum at their meetings. He visited with the attorney and they felt the committee could go back to five members instead of six. Then they will only need three for a quorum instead of four.

He reported they received five bids on the collection system. The low bid is from Titan Technologies but it is over what the grant is. There are a few things they can take out of the bid and work a few others around a little so they can get the bid to $1,079,969.

Councilmembers accepted the bid with the changes.

Barrett said the city needs to look real hard at the whole sewer system and commit to do a few blocks a year until they can get all things in better shape.

Wampler said the original idea was to camera the whole city and prioritize, then make a plan. Years ago, when they had an issue behind what was then Tiger Hut, they were trying to make repairs and the sewer line just started crumbling. Kelvin Bowles said they are only running the machine that cleans the lines at half capacity. If they run it at full speed it will rip the walls of the sewer lines.

Water, golf course

Schneider reported he is working with the Gem Trail Foundation. He will be attending a grant writing workshop so he will be able to help with the grants because they no longer have Three Rivers RC&D to do that. He also said the pipe that is needed for the next section of the trail should be put in next month.

Airport, Gem Trail Foundation

Leisy thanked Jeff Pratt and Dean Jolley for putting in the garbage cans on the Gem Trail. She said they look nice and so far they look like they can't be moved.

She reported one of the recent storms knocked out the card reader at the airport. The pilots would like a combination keypad lock instead of a card reader. The price isn't that much different so they will go that way.

Steve Albright from FAA was in Aberdeen and Leisy met with him. He reported a favorable thing about Aberdeen is there is always activity at the airport. At many of the small airports he visits there is nothing going on but there is always something happening at the Aberdeen Airport. Leisy added that Robert Goss made some nice places to sit down at the airport. Albright suggested the city put a sealcoat on the airport apron.


O'Brien reported Henry Rupp has stopped working at the recycle center. Mill Creek was going to help out. It took them three days to bale up the cardboard but the other day they were in there and loaded up all their things and pulled out. They also took the trailers the businesses were using to put their cardboard in.

She has visited with other communities that are recycling. American Falls charges $5 per person to have a recycle can but it doesn't really pay for itself.

The city could bale up the cardboard and Western Recycling would take them for $35 a bale. The most effective thing would be for the city to haul the bales over to Western and get a little more money than if they came and picked them up. It seems like anything they decide to do will end up costing the city money, she said.

Currently the recycle center is closed.

O'Brien said a lot of people don't want to see an additional charge on their city bill each month. Barrett said if the city doesn't have a recycle program, the tonnage they take in garbage will increase. Eventually they will need to raise the garbage fees because of that. The rate hike will either be now for the recycle containers or later for the garbage. Mayor Anderson said he thought the tipping fee the city pays for the garbage is $40 a ton.

O'Brien said he would prefer to go with recycle containers.

O'Brien added the garbage cans look real good on the trail.


Wampler reported he spent time with Goss going through the ordinance they are drawing up. They have found out an ordinance like that involving the wastewater does have federal backing. It will take awhile to get the ordinance complete.

Over the past ten years Wampler said Richard Mayer was waiting for a discharge permit from EPA. It finally came but is not good. Aberdeen is having to restrict the phosphorous at a higher level because they discharge into the reservoir than other cities that discharge into a river. Shelley's phosphorous is okay at 2.8 because they discharge into the river but EPA doesn't like Aberdeen's 06. They wanted Aberdeen to change from the 06 to 01 in five years. In order to do that, Aberdeen would have to build another section to the treatment plant. That extension could cost as high as $3 million to put it in, according to Goss. The permit has been appealed. Wampler said they have now extended that to ten years instead of five. They are also revisiting what Aberdeen will have to do.

Currently Aberdeen is monitoring the phosphorous. With the ordinance they are working on, it will shift the responsibility of monitoring onto the businesses. If the water isn't monitored, there is a system of warnings and penalties. Other business

Four people have applied for the city public works position, Anderson said. A committee from the council will need

See City council page 8

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Original Publication Date: October 21, 2015

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