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Council candidate Peralta shares thoughts on August 24 recall election

The Superior Sun of Superior, Arizona

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Many of you know me because you are my neighbors, relatives or friends. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Soyla "Kikki" Peralta. I am proud to say that I was born and raised in Superior, Arizona.

I am running for Town Council in the upcoming recall election next Tuesday, August 24,2010. Actually, it is my own position that was recalled. The reasons for the recall were numerous. I want to tell you, my constituents, that 1 have reflected on the reasons for being recalled and sincerely regret it if you feel that I did not represent you fully.

I recognize that 1 was elected by

popular vote and that when I was sworn into office I vowed to represent you, the wonderful people of this Town. One of the most important les-sons that I learned during the past years on the Council was that I do represent you. I must listen to your concerns and comments and then act upon them accordingly, I believe that I am your voice in the governmental structure and your voice is extremely important. It appears that many of the present and potential Council representatives want to see this Town change. I understand that when people first move to Town--especially from a larger city--they see only shortcomings and absent services. Their first mission is to change these things and they proceed to ignore important aspects of community character and economics. I think that in order to change you first need to get to know our diverse community culture and its rich history. I also think we must listen to each and every individual in the community--old and new.

Those of you who have lived through generations of mining, introduction of the union, incorporation, infrastructure development and the inclusion of the Town cemetery have a little different outlook on the community than those who always lived with municipal services and amenities. Our Town Councils have also been at odds with vision and change for more than 30 years. We have either had a lot of money to spend in our budget or none. The economy continually changes and affects every one of us personally. We struggle to pay our bills and the taxes imposed to run our government.

What 1 see happening in our local governmental structure today is a lack of money. The Town funding has been impacted by overstaffing, high salaries, late fees, fines, penalties and it acts like a dog chasing its own tail. Two particular situations at hand are the recent events affecting local families dealing with the death and burial of their loved

ones. I don't think either situation was handled with respect or compassion for our local families and relatives. As a matter of fact, I don't see that the Town staff was held accountable for their inappropriate actions or tasked to find the moral fiber to deal considerately with these families. It is extremely important to us as Superiorites to come together as one large family when tragedy such as this strikes. Staff merely saw the financial gain.

More than ever, I see that management wants to balance its budget on the backs and at the expense of its residents. I SAY NO. 1 think that the Town staff needs to be held to very high standards and lead by example. They should be held accountable for their ability to balance the budget internally BEFORE burdening an already financially stressed community with higher taxes, higher fees and charges at the cemetery and paying unnecessary fines, finance charges, fees and penalties due to late payments, NSF checks, and not paying/reporting federal and state withholdings in a timely fashion. Staff should act seriously and take a pay cut first--then reach out to our already burdened low-income residents.

If I am reelected, I will be your voice to hold myself and management accountable to balance the budget before asking the public to give more. I will support change once 1 know that change will not place a greater burden on our residents. I will fight to see that compassion, respect and dignity are a part of our management system.

Superior Town Council Member Soyla 'Kikki'Peralta

The Superior Sun Superior, Nebraska.

Original Publication Date: August 18, 2010

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