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Voters support county junk law

The Wahkiakum County Eagle of Cathlamet, Washington

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The 2015 general election settled a few contested races in Wahkiakum County and a few more statewide.

On an advisory ballot, Wahkiakum voters gave 71 percent approval to the county commissioners' referendum asking if the county should enact an ordinance denning and regulating junk, junk vehicles, and solid waste visible on private property from a public right of way. The vote was 816 in favor and 327 opposed. Commissioners will now have to decide if they want to proceed with the ordinance.

Brett Deaton won election to the board of commissioners of Port District 1, defeating Gary Quigley 290-190.

Lee Tischer won election to the board of commissioners of Port District 2, defeating John Nelson, who didn't campaign for the position, 392-132.

Susan O'Connor won election to the Wahkiakum School District board of directors, defeating Derek West 442-302.

In the county's last contested race, Steve McClain defeated Tom Blalock 57-23 in the election for Cemetery District 2 board of directors.

The county's other races were uncontested.

Elected to the Naselle/Grays River Valley School District board of directors were Richard (Nick) Nikkila, Amy Hunt, Chuck Hendrickson and Lonnie Eaton.

Elected to the Wahkiakum School District board of directors with O'Connor were Paula Culbertson and Dan Wilson.

Elected to the Cathlamet Town Council were Ryan Smith, Richard (Dick) Swart and William (Bill) Talbott. An incumbent Talbott was finishing a term on the council and resigned in September to move to Cowlitz County.

Elected to the boards of commissioners the county's fire districts were, District 1, John Vik; District 2, Kay E. Walters and Oliver Van den Berghe; District 3, Linda Strong and Don Smith, and District 4, Richard Bigler.

County Auditor Diane Tischer said the polling crew counted 1,159 ballots. Another 129 arrived too late to county Tuesday; they and others subsequently arriving by mail will be counted at 10:30 a.m. this morning (Thursday). Voter turnout was 42 percent, she said.

Complete vote totals may be found online at

AVahkiakum voters matched voters across the state on statewide issues.

Voters supported Initiative 1366, to decrease the sales tax unless voters approve measures for the taxes or for fee increases; Wahkiakum supported by 65 percent; statewide 54 percent were in favor.

Voters supported Initiative 1401, concerning trafficking of animal species threatened with extinction; Wahkiakum supported by 63 percent; statewide, 50.6 percent were in favor.

In state advisory issues, voters favored repealing all but one of the legislature's actions.

Advisory Vote 10, oil spill response tax: Wahkiakum voters favored repealing by 62 percent, statewide, by 50.6 percent.

Advisory Vote 11, excise tax on medical marijuana: Wahkiakum voters favored maintaining by 50.5 percent, statewide, by 58 percent.

Advisory Vote 12, additional taxes on vehicles and fuels: Wahkiakum voters favored repealing by 80 percent, statewide, by 67 percent.

Advisory vote 13, increasing business and occupation taxes, with software exemptions: Wahkiakum voters favored repealing by 75 percent, statewide, by 65 percent.

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Original Publication Date: November 5, 2015

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