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Payette National Forest proposes renting cabins

The Adams County Record of Council, Idaho

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The McCall Ranger District of the Payette National Forest is interested in hearing your comments on a proposal to begin using three cabins, currently administrative sites, as rental cabins for public use.

Burgdorf Rental Cabin: The cabin would be available from October 16 to June 1 for $65 per/night without water and from June 1 to October 15 for $85 per night with running water. The cabin sleeps 5-8 people. The cabin contains a flush toilet; shower; propane heat, lights and appliances; beds with mattresses; kitchen gear; cooking stove; wood stove and other amenities. The cabin is located adjacent to the privately owned and operated Burgdorf Hot Springs. Nearby are two developed campgrounds, and trails for both motorized and non-motorized use.

Paddy Flat Cabin: The Paddy Flat Cabin would be available from June 1 to November 15 for $65 per night. This cabin is located in the Paddy Flat area, approximately 12 miles from Donnelly, Idaho. The cabin sleeps 2-4 people, with abundant room outside for several additional RV units. The cabin contains a flush toilet; running water; propane heat, lights and appliances; beds with mattresses; a cooking stove; fireplace; cooking utensils and furniture. Kennally Creek Campground is approximately ten miles away, and serves as the trailhead for numerous motorized and non-motorized trail opportunities.

Lake Fork Cabin; The cabin would be available from June 1 to October 15 for $65 per night. This cabin is located up the Lick Creek Road approximately eight miles from McCall, Idaho. It sleeps 2-4 people. There is a flush toilet; running water; propane heat, lights and appliances; wood stove; cooking oven; cooking utensils; plates and furniture. Also available on-site is a yurt which can sleep four people creating the opportunity for an economical family retreat. The Lake Fork Campground is just one mile from the site, and there are numerous motorized and non-motorized trail opportunities nearby.

McCall District Ranger Lisa Klinger stated, "These rental cabins can provide a great opportunity for the public to enjoy the Payette National Forest while retaining some of the comforts of home, such as a roof over their head."

The majority of the revenue collected at recreation fee sites remains on the forest to operate, maintain and improve the facilities and programs.

Currently, these sites are used by Forest Service personnel on an as needed basis. Each administrative site has several building facilities, some of which would remain available for Forest Service personnel, while others would be available for rent.

Pictures of all of these proposed rental cabins can be found on the Payette National Forest webpage. At this time, comments are being accepted on the new rental cabin proposals. Please send your comments to Jane Cropp, Payette National Forest Recreation Program Manager, 800 West Lakeside Avenue. Comments will be taken for the next six months, until March 2013.

All new fee proposals will be presented before a citizen's advisory committee, the Idaho BLM Resource Advisory Committee (RRAC). Committee members represent a broad array of recreation interest groups to help ensure that the Forest Service is proposing reasonable and publicly acceptable fee changes. The public is welcome to attend and comment at all advisory committee meetings. The next Idaho RRAC meeting is expected to be held the first part of 2013. The exact meeting time, location and agenda will be announced on the Payette National Forest website and through the local media. These fee proposals will also have extensive reviews by both the Forest Service Regional and Washington Offices.

In 2004, Congress passed the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act which allows the Forest Service to retain funds collected at certain recreation sites and use these funds locally to operate and maintain and improve these sites. Before the Forest Service received the authority to retain funds locally, all fees collected by the Forest Service went to the national treasury.

If approved, the cabins would be placed on the National Recreation Reservation Site for rental information and reservations. People can make reservations via toll free number (877) 444-6777 or online at

For more information, questions or comments about any of these rental cabin fee proposals, please visit the Payette National Forest website at: or contact Jane Cropp at .(208) 634-0757.

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Original Publication Date: October 10, 2012

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