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10 rules to survive Running of the Bull

Cape Gazette of Lewes, Delaware

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Little preparation goes a long way for event

The running of the bull for the Starboard's Running of the Bull takes about 20 minutes, but lead up is an all-day affair, and event founder Michael McDonnell has 10 tips for success

10) Pace it to chase it. It's a long day and the Bull Running is a marathon, not a sprint, said McDonnell.

9) Care for your digestion. Be careful how much you drink.

8) Unwritten rules apply. Please don't be that humorless knucklehead who says, "They should have more than one bull," or "They should have a real bull." A person either gets it or they don't, said McDonnell. Which, he said, reminds him that a person has to apologize every time someone calls it the "Running of the Bulls," and let their friends pour stuff on them.

7) History is important. If a person cannot come up with a clever Hemingwayesque costume, just wear the standard outfit, a white T-shirt and a red bandana, available everywhere white T-shirts and red bandanas are sold, said McDonnell.

"Remember that the real bull running takes place in Spain, and sombreros are from Mexico. They will be looked on disdainfully by the purists," he said.

6) Locate your lavatories. Find the healthy compromise between urinating in public (bad, illegal) and urinating too much in private, which is to say inside your own pants (bad, embarrassing), said McDonnell.

5) The only thing to fear is, well, yourself. Remember, said McDonnell, the bull is more afraid of the people than the people are of it. "Also," he said, "remember, the bull is just two guys in a costume."

4) Have some conversation starters ready. The official anthem to the Dewey Beach Running of the Bull is "Wooly Bully" by Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs. The unofficial anthem is "Never Been To Spain" by Three Dog Night. "These are not fun facts to know and share over and over again with the Starboard DJs. They know," said McDonnell.

3) Get your spot ready before the show. Get to the Starboard early Saturday morning to avoid long lines. You may want to set your alarm. In fact, said McDonnell, someone may want to just stay up all Friday night to make sure they don't sleep through their alarm.

2) Gentlemen, two words...

Gold Bond. A self-explanatory rule.

1) LauraLea up on stage. No, she's not looking at you.

The Starboard's 20th annual Running of the Bull takes place Saturday, July 9.

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Original Publication Date: July 8, 2016

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