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Patience is a virtue when dealing with call operators helping to protect you

East Bernard Express of East Bernard, Texas

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Maybe it was Karma, or maybe it was just bad luck. But last week, I wrote in this space about the annoyance of passwords and authorized users and being able to access accounts on behalf of my family members. Like enough with all the security already.

Less than 24 hours after I hit the send button to submit my column electronically, I started receiving emails from my bank alerting me to a possible hack on our bank accounts.

Apparently someone a lot more tech savvy than myself, logged into my online banking and set up a wire transfer from my daughter's account to an external account somewhere.

I called the bank as soon as I received the email and assured them I had not made any such transfer. Thankfully I had to verify some information so they knew it was really me. But then as the lady on the other end of the phone put me on hold to transfer me to the fraud department, I had a momentary panic attack.

I had clicked on the number for the bank directly from the email I received. What if the hacker was really smooth and this was all part of the plan? So I disconnected the call. And I called my local branch directly.

I spoke to people I knew and who knew me. This made me feel so much better. So when they wanted to transfer me to the fraud department, all was well. I stayed on the line and didn't hang up.

After several hours and numerous phone calls, the issue was under control. My accounts were locked so another sneaky thief wouldn't have access to our funds and the bank assured me the money would be returned in a few days.

Not a pleasant experience, and one I wouldn't wish on anyone, but kudos to my bank for being on top of their game and nipping this in the bud.

In the future I'll try to more patient when dealing with call operators that ask me a million questions and deny access if I'm not listed on the account. What goes around, does sometimes come back around.

Tticia Potts, a mother of four, is a homemaker and newspaper columnist living in East Bernard.

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Original Publication Date: July 7, 2016

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