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Herman to retire after almost 30 years at Butte Post Office

Mouse River Journal of Towner, North Dakota

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Angela Herman retires at the end of the September from the U.S. Post Office, a career just a couple months short of 30 years.

Angela started training in the town of Leeds, in February of 1982. Residing in Rugby where most of her family still lives, she later became postmaster in Balta.

When asked how she got to Butte, she answered that she had applied for the job, was accepted, and moved into town where she has been for 19 years.

In November of 2001, when the Anthrax-laced letters that killed 5 people paralyzed the post office, Angela told me that although she was given a mask, gloves, and instructions on what to do, that was certainly her scariest moment on the job.

When I jokingly asked Angela if she had ever "gone postal", she retorted promptly that did not like that expression, not even in a joke. The post office has zero tolerance for any kind of unbefitting behavior, she said. She added that while the post office is the brunt of the jokes, there are all kinds of other jobs where employees have also gone off the deep end.

Angela has liked her job most, for the people that she has been able to provide a service. And, what did she like the least?

While I half-expected her to say something about 'Not snow, nor rain, nor hail, nor sleet... Or barking dogs or aching feet ...' Angela typically said, "Getting up in the morning." What is Angela Herman going to do next?

Her retirement list includes: 1) move back to Rugby where her great grandchild and most of grandchildren live; 2) take a trip to Alaska where a couple of her 14 siblings live; 3) and travel, enjoying her time off.

While Angela's words to her customers are thanks for letting me serve you; she also stated that the post office was a great place to work and that she appreciated having great co-workers.

Lois Schott, of Schott Insurance, who sits facing the entrance to the post office in the mini-mall, has seen a lot of comings and goings. Lois describes Angela as the ultimate auction and sales shopper. "Angela will never be able to leave Butte; there's no place in Rugby for all the stuff she bought while living here," said both Dennis and Lois. Sounds like a plan (to keep Angela around).

When inquiring of customers if there was anything that they did not like about Angela, their only complaint seemed to be that she kept giving them too many bills and not enough checks.

We all say, "Congratulations and enjoy your retirement!"

On September 25, 2012, Tuesday, from 1-4 p.m., the community is having a send-off to wish Angela well on her retirement. All are welcome to attend.

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Original Publication Date: September 12, 2012

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