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Sgt. Jeffries advances in Best Warrior competition

The Aberdeen Times of Aberdeen, Idaho

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Idaho National Guard Staff Sergeant Conrad Jeffries has added another item to an already impressive military resume.

Jeffries, a 2000 graduate of Aberdeen High School, currently stationed in Gooding, is the son of Power County Sheriff Jim Jeffries and has advanced to the regional level of the Best Warrior competition.

Every year each platoon in the active-duty Army, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve chooses one enlisted soldier and one non-commissioned officer as representatives to compete in the Best Warrior program.

Competitors are tested on physical fitness, general military knowledge, essay, and dress inspection. In the first phase soldiers compete against other platoon representatives at the company level.

Jeffries was selected as the top non-commissioned officer in Charlie Company, and will move on to the battalion level competition that will be held in various military installations in Oregon in May.

Jeffries was already a successful soilder before entering the competition having graduated from over a dozen training programs during his time with both the Idaho National Guard and the U.S. Coast Guard. Jeffries served a 10 month tour in Iraq in 2010.

Jeffries' father said he is proud Conrad is being recognized for the hard work he puts into being a soldier.

"I am proud as any father would be. Conrad has made his work with the military a strong priority in his life, and that dedication shows," said Jim.

Conrad cites his father's influence as a foundation, and motivation for his work ethic.

"It is gratifying to show how much my father has taught me. He has really shaped my life. Even when I made mistakes he was always there for me. It means a lot to show him that I am following in his footsteps. Not in the same career field, but as a good public servant," said Conrad.

Idaho National Guard Public Affairs Officer, Colonel Timothy Marsano said Jeffries moving on to higher levels of the Best Warrior competition gives other soldiers a role model.

"To see a non-commissioned officer do so well is a testament to the leadership he has had. I have seen other soldiers do so well in the past, many soldiers will look up to him as an example of what a good soilder is," said Marsano.

Jeffries said being a good example is an important motivator for his work in the military and for competing.

"I realize I have a lot of soldiers below me. I know that I have to lead by example," said Jeffries.

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Original Publication Date: March 27, 2013

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