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A good time to stay inside

The Adams County Record of Council, Idaho

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Good news from Bub Mott. Judy will be returning home this week, and is gready looking forward to being home. He says that, once she received the news she was able to come home, her spirits perked right up and she has been stronger each day.

Bill and Ruth Reeder made a trip to Boise on Wednesday for Bill's doctor appointment. After the doctor they went out to eat, and then made a stop in Nampa to visit with Yvette and the great grandchildren. As they continued home, they stopped in Ontario for a visit with Shirley and Louie Vendrell. Then it was home safe and sound before the snow started flying the next day.

Dave and Cathy Veselka enjoyed a wonderful visit from daughter Jane Georgia and her husband, Neal, and grandchildren Hank, Maddie and Noah. They came up from Nampa to visit on Saturday morning and stayed through Sunday afternoon.

Lanae Veselka enjoyed a nice visit with Betty Ward on Thursday when she came with Isaac, who was called for a repair job on Lanaes oil stove. The stove was easily repaired, which made it a doubly good day for Lanae. She also enjoyed having granddaughter Jane and her family visit her over the weekend.

Judy Green is ready for the winter snow, as she has her beautiful purple scarf ready and her ski poles for walking balance. Other than attending TOPS-on Wednesday, she and Tom hunkered down inside and stayed warm through the weekend, enjoying some reading and TV time.

It was a great Lakey celebration on Saturday, as Joan Lakey turned 29 and daughter Julie Harvey turned 28! Twenty-three of the twenty-five family members were present and accounted for as they celebrated at Julie's on Saturday evening. Kevin, Tina and Donevin of Gooding hosted the party, and all had a great time. Julie had Matt, Melinda and Kayden staying with her. She also enjoyed a nice birthday hug from son, Michael on Sunday morning when he arrived home from work.

Craig Boll just returned from his annual Willcox, AZ whitetail' Coues deer hunt. While in Arizona, he also worked on their house there, and met up with his sister, Shannon Gauss, for dinner at the Elks in Willcox. Sunday, Ardis drove to Nampa to visit with niece Sarah Gauss Jimenez and her husband, Miguel, and daughters Nigelie and Magnolia at the home of Vic Boll and Jan Ray. Craig and Vic arrived in late afternoon and all enjoyed dinner and visiting before Craig and Ardis returned home.

Robin Juica braved the snowy roads, making a trip to Boise on Thursday to take a friend to the airport. They went a day early just in case, and it was well advised. Coming home Friday morning she was thankful to get out of the land of 1A car licenses and the crazy snowy road driving. After that drive, she is ready for what winter has to throw at her!

Janet Meyer spent her weekend learning about cooking on the woodstove, and now feels comfortable making more than a pot of tea. Dinner on Sunday was a three-part meal. One part made on the wood stove, one part on the conventional stove, and one part in the microwave! I had to agree with her that, on Friday night, the best place to watch the BSU football game was in the comfort on one's own living room, snuggled under a blanket. Go Broncos!

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Original Publication Date: November 19, 2014

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