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Taylor accepts job in Montana

The Lovell Chronicle of Lovell, Wyoming

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Lovell Inc. CEO Sue Taylor announced this week that she has accepted a new position as Economic Development Director for Beartooth Resource Conservation and Development — a five-county economic development district in Montana with headquarters in Joliet.

Over the last two years, Lovell Inc. has attempted to expand its service area to include all of Big Horn County, forming the countywide organization Grow Big Horn County. Funding for the organization, which has been primarily borne over the years by the Town of Lovell, was to be spread among the nine county municipalities, along with the Big Horn County government.

When it was learned that most of the municipalities and the county commissioners had opted to not include the investment in Grow Big Horn County in their 2015-16 fiscal year budgets, the Lovell Inc. board of directors and Taylor had some tough decisions to make, Taylor said, noting that the Town of Lovell's requested investment of $20,226 was included in the budget being prepared by the Lovell Town Council.

That amount would have allowed Taylor to work only two days a week, so she began to explore options. Her new job will begin in July, and the Lovell Inc. board and the Town of Lovell will work on a transition plan and decide if and how to continue economic development in the future.

Taylor was hired in April of 2008.

"I've really enjoyed my time here and can see the difference a consistent economic development effort has made," Taylor said. "I hope the positive forward movement will continue into the future. I wish the community well."

Current Lovell Inc. board of directors members include Elaine Harvey, Joseph Shum-way, Sarah Johnson, Tom Newman, Valerie Beal and David Peck.

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Original Publication Date: June 18, 2015

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