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The weekend brings unexpected visitor

The Lovell Chronicle of Lovell, Wyoming

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Saturday afternoon an unexpected visitor came to my home while Bobi Jo Leonhardt was also visiting. It was Debra Fuller and she looks so beautiful and happy. She sold her home last year and transferred to Washington, Utah, to be a postal worker. Debra worked for the post office for many years in Lovell, Cody and Cowley.

She bought a home in St. George, which is just across the freeway from Washington, and has adjusted to the warm weather in that area very well.

Debra is the daughter of the late John Fuller and Rena Mortensen Fuller. Her family lived in Lovell when she was young and she later moved to Cowley. She raised her three children, Jory, Hilary and Sam, in Cowley. We felt the loss when she moved after her last son Sam graduated from Rocky Mountain High School, but she is content and peaceful and in her beautiful new home.

Since Sam is living in Cowley and Hilary and her husband are in Powell, she came to visit them. She recently visited with Jory and his new wife in Provo, Utah, and what a pleasure to see her with her dynamic personality and wit. We all enjoyed ourselves very much.

The Cowley Corn Cook-out was a success even though it was cold and windy on Saturday. By afternoon it was warmer and the wind died down for the celebration. Many people attended and the little kids especially enjoyed the blowup toys. Some could hear the music of the Rewinders from their homes and it was so lovely as it wafted through the town. Everyone who came had a delicious meal and a great visit.

The unexpected death of Scott Brinkerhoff was a blow to all who knew him and saddened us all. He was only 57. The night of his heart attack he spoke at the Boy Scout Court as Josh Mc-Cracken earned his Eagle Scout. He gave a talk at the end of the meeting, which was well-spoken and from his heart and it was beautiful. While we were singing the closing song, he walked off the stage to his daughter and they went to the emergency room in Lovell. The doctors immediately sent him to Billings and the doctors there sent him to Salt Lake City, but it was to no avail, and he died there of a heart attack.

Scott was involved in the Scouts and the young men loved and admired him. We in the community knew of his personality and good humor, and he was a stalwart man who loved his children and grandchildren and was involved with them. We're sorry for his family's loss and for our loss and we will miss him in our lives.

Mike Schwope battled tularemia for 39 days before he passed away. He graduated from the University of Wyoming with a degree in animal husbandry and began his career as a University Extension agent.

He enjoyed his job in Big Horn County, but he especially loved the 4-H kids. He loved hunting and fishing and had many friends in other states. His personality was such that he never knew a stranger and he was a big man whose laugh and love rang out to all he knew. His loss is huge for his family, his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and especially for his wife, Linda. His many friends will feel his loss always.

Dennis Cook was my classmate. He was born on Christmas Day in 1939. As a young boy, he was big and strong and loomed over us all in grade school (except for Chris Hinckley, who was also big and strong). His personality was big like he was and he was cheerful, warm-hearted and loved his family dearly. However, when he became angry, he was indeed intimidating. Everything about him was huge.

His parents were the late Joe Cook and Cleo Jensen. I remember how young we were when his dad was killed in a tragic accident; it was so sad and he left Cieo with four kids to raise Later in life Cleo married Clint Beddes of Lovell.

The last time I saw Dennis was at his family reunion in Lovell. Sally Wilson and I went down to see all the Cooks and what an exciting, happy and loving experience to be in the midst of the family. Dennis was a patrolman for many years in Colorado and Wyoming. He told us that once he picked up a guy on the interstate and he had a great visit with him and it was Mike Welch, formerly of Cowley. He never said if he'd given him a ticket or not.

Dennis and his wife Helen raised 10 children together. They were all at his services last Saturday with their kids and grandkids. The church was filled to the brim with his wife, his children, his brothers and sister, grandkids, great-grand-kids, his extended family and friends in Wyoming, Colorado and Cowley. His family idolized him and his loss is tremendous.

The funeral was held at the Cowley LDS Church as Dennis was very religious. The Relief Society women fed more than 200 people for dinner. Dennis is buried with his family in the Cowley Cemetery. We will miss his presence in this world Our condolences to his family and especially to his wife, Helen. He will be sorely missed by all of us who knew him in his childhood and in his mature life. We'll never forget the impact he has had during his lifetime on all who knew him.

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Original Publication Date: August 27, 2015

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