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Squirrel population getting ready for winter

The Lovell Chronicle of Lovell, Wyoming

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I have noticed that the squirrel population around town has increased, and they are a healthy, plump looking bunch. As I watch them scurry across the street up one tree, down and up another, they seem to know what is around the corner. The weather doesn't seem to throw them off the same way it does us. We put a coat on to go out in the morning and by noon we are ready to go with just shirt-sleeves. No complaining here, I'll take the heat as long as we can get it.

Those little critters aren't slowing down their mission just because the sun is shining. They are stocking their pantry. They love to get the seeds out of the sunflowers when they can. "Squirrely" (our neighborhood pet), may or may not be the same squirrel. He ignores us when we talk to him as if he belongs around here, but he keeps coming to my front door area like he is wondering where the sunflower seeds are that he stole so freely the last two falls.

It is like a nature hike in the early evening if you are out. A few days ago, I watched two deer north of the highway saunter across the road through my neighbor Larry's yard and I am assuming on down to the river bottom where I hope they have a good hiding place because, well, you know the Bambi story.

We said goodbye to Miguel Gurella as he headed out to his basic training for the Marines. We were hoping he would be able to run with the others at the "Glow Run 5K" fundraiser, but he got called to report a few weeks earlier than planned. The Glow Run will still take place Saturday at 6 p.m. Come glowing and meet in front of the recreation center. All proceeds will go to Miguel.

He is planning to write and keep us up-to-date on his adventures. He is a quiet and polite young man and so very humble and grateful for the support. Some have said they are going to go to the run and pay not to run. That will be great and you will have some company, I am sure. You might want to volunteer to be a timer. Those who love to run can thank Serena Hessenthaler and Tami Asay for organizing this event.

Halloween Haunt seems to be a happening event. It is taking place on the east end of the old school and runs through Oct. 30. Doors open at 8 p.m. Ages 12 and up are welcome. If that end of the school wasn't ever haunted, it is now. I have heard rave reviews about how scary it is, so you should probably venture over and see how brave you really are. I have heard the guys scream more than the girls, so give it a go.

The family Halloween party is on again for Oct. 31. Ted Soper is coordinating the activity and is the contact for information about time and location Looking forward to seeing the little ghosts and goblins. I have heard tell there was a life-sized bunny on Main Street last week. The haunting is starting already. Come join in the fun.

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Original Publication Date: October 22, 2015

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