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Creating hands-on scientists and high expectations at PRA

Walsh County Press of Park River, North Dakota

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PARK RIVER, N.D. Greetings from the PRAS Junior High Science department.

With the first quarter of the school year nearing completion, students and teachers are settling into the busy groove. The science lab has been full of activity between myself and Ms. Beattie's classes, and the eighth grade class is well on their way with fundraising efforts for the upcoming trip to Wolf Ridge. Things are busy, as they should be.

Our new high school Science teacher, Ms. Beattie, has inspired me to incorporate many more hands-on and interactive activities between my classroom and the lab, which both students and myself are enjoying. We are working towards being more creative and collaborative, and we are learning to be better communicators through face-to-face and technology-based interactions. In the past few weeks, we have learned to use an online software program called Jing, as well as applying content applications through our recent French fry osmosis lab. It's been a very fun quarter so far with the momentum continuing the rest of the school year.

Being one quarter into the school year, we have seen a few areas for growth. One such area is the transition from elementary to high school. The expectations are higher, and students are expected to take responsibility and control of situations as independently as possible.

Please support your student in this process by holding them accountable for their actions, encouraging them to seek help from their teachers, reminding them to review their notes if no assignments were given, and encourage them to seek out additional resources from peers or the Internet if they need extra help. Teachers are in the field to teach skills that promote lifelong learning, and parents can be our best ally.

As we progress toward the second quarter, we look for continued success and progress in the classroom, on the court and field, and within our communities.

We are striving to be better tomorrow than we were today, and appreciate your continued support to do so.

Editor s Note: Thompson is a science teacher at Park River Area Schools.

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Original Publication Date: October 21, 2015

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