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Wellhead Protection Plan approved and sent to state for review and approval

Farmers Independent of Bagley, Minnesota

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Review of the City of Bagley Wellhead Protection Plan was open to the public on Tuesday, June 10 in the City Council Chambers.

This plan is developed to prevent contaminants from entering wells and underground water that is provided to the public.

A representative from the Minnesota Department of Health came to update the council and others who came to the meeting on the next steps. Steps 1 through 4 have already been completed which include creating a map of the wellhead protection area and drinking supply management area, assessing the vulnerability of the well and drinking water supply, making an inventory of potential sources of contamination within the wellhead protection area and developing a plan of action to manage inventoried sources.

The next step is for the city council to send the plan off to the state for review, and the Department of Health has 30 days to approve the plan. Councilman John Sutherland made the motion to send the wellhead head protection plan to the state for approval. All were in favor.

The public meeting was closed after no further discussion and the regular City Council meeting was opened. I

Ron Peterson came before the council to request bingo at the Clearwater County Fair this year, with funds raised to be used for graduating seniors to include two from veterans' families plus three others. Councilman Dennis Merschman made the motion to approve the request for bingo at the Fair. All were in favor.

Manager Chris Arnold of the Bagley Liquor Store updated the Council on his monthly progress. Profit and gross sales are up from last year. The golf course is up and running. He also informed the council that the emails are due to expire June 11.

Bill Masterson of the Zoning Commission quickly updated the council that everything is going just fine and had three people wanting land use permits as of June 9.

Police Chief Larry Peterson said with the department being short staffed in May that the council would see the numbers on the activity report seem a little higher than usual.

Peterson also mentioned that he voiced a little concern to the State Captain of the State Patrol for the lack of presence in Bagley.

Public Utilities Manager Mike Jensen quickly updated the council regarding a gas leak that was repaired at Copley Town Hall, and some work to be done on the Kastner Addition that the LaVines have been working on.

Roads and Bridges Superintendent Bill

Masterson said there has been a lot of mowing and sweeping done. He only got an estimate from ABC Seamless for gutters at the Fire Dept. in the cost of $1,125. Councilman Bonik made the motion to hire ABC Seamless to do so. All were in favor.

City Clerk Colleen Lindgren mentioned she received a call from Crystal Schmitz saying it is getting too hard to keep up with the work of keeping the flowers clean. However, Lester Beck of Clearwater Nursery was said to be able to take care of it for $1,000. The garden club has $500 to use and the City would spend the other $500. Motion was made by Councilman Bonik to approve this request. All were in favor.

Motions were made and passed for the following resolution 21-15: acceptance of donation on the beautification projects for the City of Bagley; resolution 22-15: restricted fund transfer for the Bagley City Cemetery in the amount of $3,850 for record upgrades and $4,390 for the land upgrades and resolution 23-15: transfer of $3,483 from the City Park Upgrades restricted fund to cover the costs of the boat ramp construction.

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Original Publication Date: June 17, 2015

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