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ADOT trumpets technological projects as well as processes

Sedona Red Rock News of Sedona, Arizona

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With technology and innovation transforming how the Arizona Department of Transportation operates, the agency has launched an employee showcase highlighting projects and processes that improve safety and customer service and save time and money.

"There are simple things we are already doing that can be repurposed in a completely innovative way," said ADOT Director John Halikowski.

Presentations featured at ADOT's first iShare Innovation Showcase, held recently in Phoenix, included:

Maintenance crews in northwestern Arizona are recycling pavement to make cost-efficient, long-lasting repairs to road surfaces.

In the Phoenix metro area, ADOT employees have developed a retrofit kit to upgrade overhead digital message boards, improving energy efficiency and greatly extending the life of the signs.

The showcase examined other ways the agency is innovating, ranging from an online index of right-of-way documents for external customers to an anti-icing solution that crews handling winter road treatment and snow removal around Globe and the White Mountains developed as a readily available and cost-efficient alternative to a compound purchased from vendors.

"This showcase has shown the ingenuity of ADOT employees," said Jean Nehme, director of performance management and research for ADOT.

Representatives from ADOT's Northwest District shared how personnel based in Seligman have championed the use of a pavement recycler. Experimenting with different types of oil to bind recycled pavement particles, they developed a way to repair large areas of pavement. The result is faster repairs and long-lasting patches that have greatly reduced the number of pavement repairs performed.

In the Central District, serving the Phoenix metro area, ADOT personnel developed a kit to retrofit overhead message boards, many of which are two decades old and having different specifications. In the past year, the kit has allowed maintenance crews to replace key parts of more than 20 message boards with components that are energy-efficient and easier to maintain. That's extended the useful life of each sign by 15 to 20 years.

Halikowski said innovation is how business is done at ADOT.

"By looking at every process, every challenge, every opportunity, we find new ways to get our work done — saving time and conserving the taxpayers' dollars," he said.

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Original Publication Date: November 4, 2015

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