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New blood machine used at Cambridge drive

The Adams County Record of Council, Idaho

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Friday, May 16th, the Cambridge Junior Class held their last blood drive of the school year at the Washington County Exhibit Hall. A surprise was experienced by several donors as the Red Cross brought two new machines for Apheresis collection. The apheresis machine separates whole blood into three bags; one is the plasma in your blood or (liquid of the blood); second is the red blood cells; and the last bag is your platelets (blood clotting cells). While collecting two units of red blood cells the plasma and platelets are sent back into the donor.

Jesse Cada, Craig Boll, Michael Craig Boll on the new apheresis machine. Schultz, Josiah Jaeger, and Mendy Standford were our first customers. Their 5 donations equaled 10 units. This also means that they cannot give blood again for 120 days. Several others wanted to try the machine also; however it takes about 30 minutes to perform apheresis whereas giving whole blood takes approximately 5 minutes.

Our other loyal donors were: Ron Hamilton (18), Dave Winther (55), Ruby Braun (33), Leland Fisk (48), Michael Schultz (57), Charity Ader (5), Kay VanOrder (4), Mendy Standford, Jason Kindall (2), Cecilia Curtis (23), Jesse Cada (7), Bill Noah (1 Gallon), Nick Partin (2), Trisha Bryson (7), Ray Turnbull (9), Marie Young (9 gallons), Josh Barritt (3),

Mark Loveland (44), Craig Boll (83), Chole Martinez (1st Time), Norma Rose (57), Winston Carter (5), Candace Butterfield (9), Jed Lakey (26), Luis Arellano (1st Time), Ardis Boll (33), Janice Vuich-Cawyer (33), Don Dopf (3), Lois Sutton (1 gallon), Ronda Marti (19), Rozita Bailey (5), Ed Schumacher (17), Josiah Jaeger (5), Betty McKee (16), Midge Smith (48), Gloria Schoonover, Cindy Roundtree, Linda Voile (3), Shannon Williams (51), Candy Reedy (55), and Kelly Bruce (10).

The Red Cross Blood Drive had cookies from the Catholic Church Ladies and sandwiches were prepared by the Midvale Community Baptist Church women. Set up was completed by Winston Carter, Brett Kindall, and Riley Fortin. Advertisement was performed by Bret Kindall, Tylla Gay, and Kristing Voile. Schedulers were Kristin Voile and Ryan Kindall, Escorts were Winston Carter, Riley Fortin, Hunter Gibson, and Roy Braun. Greeters were Kristin Voile, Ardis Boll, and Heidi Hoskins. Clean up was done by Kristin Voile and Ardis Boll. Starlene, the Red Cross Site Manager, congratulated Winston, Riley, and Hunter on Escorting and Kristin on her greeting abilities. A wonderful job by these young people for going far and above: they were true VOLUNTEERS! Our life giving blood total was 42 usable units for possibly 126 people.

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Original Publication Date: May 21, 2014

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