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Facebook pages explode as old American Falls photos reproduced

The Power County Press of American Falls, Idaho

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The new technology of Face-book might be the best place to see old American Falls. Users of a Facebook group "American Falls Is Where I Grew Up" have started posting old photos of the town, making a surprisingly varied view of American Falls' history.

Katrina Evans, who created the page, was surprised at just how many and how varied the pictures were on the page. She said she created the page mostly for her and her classmates from American Falls High School. She said she has seen more pictures of old American Falls on the Facebook page than she has seen in books on American Falls.

"Several people have really contributed so much more than I ever thought possible," she wrote in an email to The Press.

Posts not only include photos from American Falls back in the day, but a video of drone flyover of American Falls.

Evans said she started the page because she saw other towns with similar pages. She also wanted to encourage local pride, including pride in local athletics.

"I wanted to bring back the pride we had when I went to school there," she said. "I wanted the kids of now to know what it was like when the world was right from our memories of our beautiful town."

And she hoped to record some Of American Falls' "firsts." She had her own first to add to the history: Evans was the first girl to be hired as a box "boy" by a grocery store in American Falls.

She also hoped that people will post memories of those who have passed on.

"I wanted a page for all people who had ever called American Falls home, even for a little while, to be able to come together and to find the lost: lost classmates, lost loves and lost memories. It is s place we could gripe if we wanted, share joys of births, happenings, sorrow, and triumphs," she wrote.

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Original Publication Date: November 4, 2015

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