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Foreign visitors see Dayton, Harcourt area farms Oct. 16-19

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Learning how our farmers live...

Half the fun of traveling with Security Savings Bank is meeting new people and making new friends! Earlier this year, Welcome Aboard Club experienced a 25-day adventure to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. While on this trip, we met two brothers, Noah and Luther Tai, along with their sister, Lois.

Their father was a Lutheran minister of Chinese heritage, who sent the children to the United States when they became teenagers to get a good education. They received very good educations with multiple degrees and became US citizens!

Both brothers spent four hours every day for 30 and 40 years commuting to the heart of New York City for their jobs. In conversation, they told Steve and Renae Lane that they had never been to Iowa and never been on a farm of any kind, so the invitation was given. Noah and Luther came the weekend of October 16-19, during a very busy and beautiful weekend of harvest! On Saturday morning they went to the Hicks' farms where Travis, Bob, Sandy and Chad explained their cattle and hog operations. They asked many questions and were amazed at how complex and intricate the livestock procedures can be, not to mention all the physical work.

They were surprised to learn that they use spread sheets and even have nutritionists for the livestock! Noah asked about the machine behind the tractor so Chad gave him a ride. He now knows all about the fertilizer that is spread on the fields courtesy of the cows!

That afternoon, they visited the Nolte farm where Nick and Larry were very busy harvesting corn with the help of Linda who was driving the auger cart.

They said they had no idea they would ever ride in a combine and watch the harvesting of corn in Iowa! Noah and Luther were very impressed at the size and technology of their farm equipment. They said that field work in China is done manually and it would take many days to complete.

That evening, a party for 16 guests was held at the Lane's home for their Australian travelers. Even Charlotte, a fellow traveler from the state of Washington, flew-in to reminisce and exchange the memories of our travels together. As you can see, we really do form close bonds and lasting friendships!

Sunday was a day given to them with the opportunity to tell us what they wanted to do. Growing up as children of a pastor, they wanted to attend church on Sunday morning, especially after meeting Pastor Jim the afternoon before.

We drove past the ethanol plants, wind farms and ended up at Robert Anderson's farm where Charlene was eagerly flagging us down! They explained how the corn was unloaded and how it was stored in the bins until it was sold and driven to the elevator.

They were surprised to see the "little" women working with their husbands and said they were such good partners. Their comment was made that the farmers are so fortunate to work every day with their families and have such wonderful relationships. They returned home with great memories of the farms and how the farmers live in Iowa!

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Original Publication Date: November 4, 2015

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