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Exiting a vehicle with grace

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Escapades of Emily

Special to The News In two weeks, I have made progress in getting out of my car with both arms to the front of the seat belt. What do I mean?

Passenger or driver, I like to depart with my oversized purse and my purchases at one time, eliminating a second trip to the car

Too many times I have that blessed and blasted seat belt in between my arms, and I am going nowhere.

I have thrown my purse toward the front door of my house and retired. But

I am working on having both arms full of whatever in front of the seat belt. Yes, I am about there.

Years ago, I read how a "lady" should exit a car. I can do it. Open the door, turn the body toward that door, place both legs and feet on the pavement or ground, stand up, gain composure and go forward. Of course, time is needed for this act, but I have plenty of that.

This departure is preferable over throwing one leg out and hoping the rest of the body comes with it.

However, nothing can be dignified without a little stool for aid in getting into and out of a king-size cab pickup, an extra foot higher than other vehicles.

With one truck in the family, I simply stood at the front seat, threw my body halfway flat across my area to sit and somehow maneuvered the rest of me with great effort into a sitting position. That effort's effect is now gone. Sometimes to get into these trucks, I need an embarrassing boost, or there will be a step below the door and a handle at the top of the ceiling by the door, obscured to hide the any unmanilness.

It is when I get out, I become frightened and still try to do it myself, all alone. I open the door, turn sideways with the feet in falling position and jump down, hoping one more time my arthritic and ostoperitosric knees hold.

No, I don't have to go anywhere, but while I can, I am.

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Original Publication Date: October 16, 2015

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