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Superintendent Update Week of Nov. 2

Tri-County News of Kimball, Minnesota

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Good Day Kimball. November is here and the leaves are almost gone. That means that the snow must not be too far behind. The holidays are just around the corner and the students are already discussing what their plans are in the upcoming weeks.

This week will be an exciting time for our cross country team as they qualified as a team to participate this year in the state tournament. I know the girls and the coaches have been working hard to get to this point. They have their goal set for the ultimate prize. Good luck to them as they showcase the great team they have come to be, as they take on the rest of the state.

This past week I took the opportunity to substitute teach in two different classrooms in the district. I filled in for Ms. Olmscheid in her second-grade class at the elementary. I also filled in at the high school in Ms. Mortenson's class teaching English. Both teachers were rewarded for a free day off for all of their hard work that they do. My experience in the elementary was fun and exhausting mentally. It is amazing how many questions 7-and 8-year-olds will ask you when you are new in their classroom. The students have so much energy that I could almost feel all of mine being zapped out of my head. Being in the classroom for the day reinforced how important our role as an adult is in the lives of children. They look up to us for direction, security, and acceptance. The students all wanted to make sure I knew something about them. Watching their reaction towards me after they felt I knew something about them was priceless. It gave each student a chance to feel they matter, and they belong in that classroom. Once the day was done, I felt a renewed sense of how important all adults in a school system and community play in the role of developing our children. It was a great class.

The high school English class was an age group that I have more background in, being a former high school teacher. It was fun and interesting watching the students determine if I was scary because of my look or if I was someone they could approach. The high school students were much more guarded so it was fun for me to get back in the mold as a high school teacher and have some good conversations with them. The students were focused on their work and assignments. It was impressive to see how polite and well-mannered the students were. It gave the sense that chivalry is not dead but alive and well in Kimball. The students even humored me by laughing at my story about "The Hunchback of Notre Dame."

The work our teachers do with our children each day is nothing short of amazing. The number of tasks they manage throughout the day is incredible. For me, it was great to see that our children are in great hands. The number of staff that offered to help or answer questions for me allowed the day to be as smooth as it could be.

Next week, I look forward to celebrating the success of our cross country team. As the holidays approach, please keep in mind and help those in need. This time of year is hard on some students who come from tough backgrounds. I will leave you with a quote I recently saw, "It's amazing how far you are willing to go when someone believes in you." Have a great weekend, and GO CUBS!

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Original Publication Date: November 5, 2015

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