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Despite everything, life goes on

Greybull Standard of Greybull, Wyoming

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When tragedy strikes one tends to think that time stops in its tracks; we're caught in a time warp where nothing meaningful can possibly happen. But while it stops for us, it goes on for everyone else. The sun comes up, the sun goes down. One day follows another.

The Greybull Buffs won their first playoff game; Brett Keisel was in town to present the golden football to Greybull High School; the Lady Buffs earned a trip to the state volleyball tournament; costumed kids tricked-or-treated their way up and down Main Street.

We're human. Sometimes we resent the fact that life does go on. But it is that continuity that sees us through. We know who holds our hand, and that faith, that knowledge carries us in the dark days and nights until we come out on the other side.

And on the other side we see Rio's smile, as big as life, and remember all the little things we loved about the young man who was dear to so many.

He loved to spend time at our place. He would plow the garden, trim the trees, harvest the garden, mow the grass, repair the lawnmower, the pump. He could fix almost everything, and at our house there was always a lot that needed fixing. He loved, had a need, to keep busy, on the move.

Invariably when he left, with a bag full of goodies gleaned from our refrigerator and freezer, he'd say, "I'll be back Tuesday." The trouble was we never knew which Tuesday he meant-the next one or the Tuesday two or three weeks down the road.

Rio went to school here one year, wasn't old enough for a driver's license, but the proud owner of his learner's permit. It was homecoming, and he wanted to borrow his Uncle Scott's snazzy red convertible for either the freshman or sophomore attendant to ride on in the parade.

He was given the okay, as long as there was an adult in the car, and he was to bring it back to the Building Center when the adult left the vehicle.

Worked out fine Supt. Craig Sorenson rode shotgun; car was shiny, attendant beautiful. Parade over, no convertible back at the store Son No. 4 kept anxious watch out the big window. He saw his car, top up, dragging main; Joel Sorensen, another learner-permit teen, occupying the shotgun seat; no adult in sight.

Rio drove up in front of the Building Center a couple of hours late-, and his uncle was loaded for bear. He went charging out, opened the door to let loose with some "words of wisdom," when who should pop up, huddled out of sight in the tiny back seat but Craig. The teenagers thought it was hilarious (as did Scott later).

Memories keep us going. They fill the empty places in our hearts.

We took a poll at the office, and almost to a man (well, to a woman as there is only one man in occupancy) we put a thumb's down on gray, dreary days. We've been spoiled by the warm Indian summer that has stayed with us all through October.

Yes, I still have alyssum, snapdragons and petunias blooming on the south side of the garage. Cleaned out the patio pots and grow pots; thought about cleaning out those "bloomers", but just couldn't bring myself to uproot them.

There was snow on the mountains; bet hunters are thankful for that. As far as I'm concerned the snow can stay clear up there until Dec. 23, come down and give us a White Christmas, then return to the high country.

Good luck to the Buffs down in Wheatland, and to the Lady Buffs at the State 2A Tournament in Casper.

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Original Publication Date: November 5, 2015

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