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Over the Falls Part 3

High Plains Sentinel of Wright, Wyoming

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Exhaling my last breath into the mouth of the suffocating maiden, I could feel her arms as they clinched around my ribs. Was this the last embrace I was to share with my newfound love? Was this the last breath we both might take? Opening my eyes, I wanted to see her one last time, wanted just one more image of her face to burn into my eyes before I pulled the river's water into my lungs. In this moment, she too awoke in her dying breath. Staring into my eyes, I felt her thoughts, felt comfort in her gaze. I did not sense panic or fear, nor regret or worry. Only love, only contentment and in this mutual feeling a smile creased across our faces. Then from beneath us I felt a mighty force! At first I thought to be a boulder, that we were being washed over, exploded up between our dangling legs. Splitting the two of us apart at the waists, the force took life between us! A blast of adrenaline gushed into my veins and I looked to see what was happening! There to my right, flowing in the mercy waters was the long sweeping mane of the stallion, his ears pinned back upon his powerful neck, he pointed his nose upward as he swam swiftly towards the sunlight that twinkled upon the surface of the flowing river. In total reflex, I reached for his mane, entangling my fingers into it. I clamped them shut tightly and felt the power in his body as he swam gallantly to our rescue. The maiden's hands still bound, pulled against my back. Our bodies draped, one on each side of the painted stallions muscled withers. Looking up, the sunlight upon the surface began to shine brighter and brighter, the colors of the water turned from deep purples and blues into orange, glittering yellows, and shimmering golds. My chest and mind screamed for a breath! Just before I had no choice but to take my last drowning breath, we burst through the surface. Freed from the rivers depths and pulled a gasping breath into my desperate body! I took wild, panic stricken gasps as my eyes regained focus. Above me the sky hung peaceful and blue. Below it, the canyon and its trees rushed past! Then I saw her, her head rested on the back of the stallion. Her hair washed back, it laid wandering upon his back. She was still, she seemed unresponsive. Panic overtook me and I touched her cold face. I felt her cheek flinch and she coughed, a gush of water burst from her filled lungs and she took a breath and then another! Between each one, she choked and gagged as she came back to life; An overwhelming warmth spread over my body and I yelled in joy! Peering up at me, her exhausted eyes sparkled in the sunlight. The stallion's scared knicker startled me and I glanced forward. Before us, the river seemed to disappear. It seemed to just vanish and turn into only sky. The waters current seemed to be steadily increasing as we bobbed and heaved on its rolling path. I could feel the stallion's legs as they thrashed against the rivers journey, felt his anxiety as he swam us to the safety of the shore! But he and I both knew there was just too little time, the raw fury of Mother Nature was too much for the strength of man or beast. But still he tried, still he valiantly fought against her wrath. Looking back into the maiden's eyes she seemed unconcerned, seemed to be taking this opportunity to enjoy our time wrapped in one another's arms despite the danger that lay ahead. For the next few moments everything seemed to go quiet. The roar of the falls silenced, the try in the stallion gave up and the three of us just melted into this few seconds of our lives together. I think, all realized that unconditional love had brought us to this point; bound us in this time of desperation and we all three felt at peace in whatever was about to transpire. The stallion let out a loud stud filled scream breaking the silence. Through the mist of the falls he could see his herd. Then it happened! All at once the earth seemed to vanish beneath us! The once imprisoning mass of water around us broke apart, separating into billions of droplets and fell quietly from the rim rock. Squeezing the horses mane in my tightening grip, his weight fell beneath us. Jerking us into a head first ascent into the explosion of white water below! I believe that man and woman are the strongest polarities in the world. There is a bond between the two of them that when molded through trust and respect is an unbreakable attraction. Also this bond can be formed between horse and human, giving a impenetrable love that no other force can invade. This relationship can teach our children how to be kind and caring, respectful and faithful. Showing them by example that the seed of love that you plant into others does not only grow inside of them but also grows inside of you. Our children need these qualities to sculpt a brighter tomorrow, not only for themselves, but also for their communities and the world.

So the next time you see a child who looks to you as a mother or father, elder or idol, don't forget to lead by example. Take the time to show them love, to teach them kindness. Educate them by the way you treat your significant other or animals that come into your life. Because your actions may spread light onto the darkest of souls and from that light, may bloom the world's most beautiful hearts.

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Original Publication Date: November 5, 2015

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