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Library Board Meets in Wright

High Plains Sentinel of Wright, Wyoming

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Twice a year the Campbell County Library Board comes to the Wright Branch Library to host their Board meeting. Director, Terri Lesley, Treasurer, Richard Cisneros, Chairman, Kyle Ferris, Vice-Chairman Matt Sorenson, and Michael Surface all gathered for the meeting on October 26th, 2015. The meeting started with going over the consent agenda with expenditures report, which was approved.

To follow the consent agenda, Director Lesley addressed the unfinished business on the feasibility study. This study was conducted to identify existing and future space needs of the Library building in Gillette and to determine the feasibility of growing the building on the existing site if additional space is needed. Lesley explained a letter that talks about the study that was conducted and the limitations of the current site, and the ways they can expand to other branches. Cisneros asked, "Where has this study been posted? Where is it on the website?" Lesley advised it currently is not posted on there. Cisneros responded that it is a good idea to put it on there. Also Surface stated it would be a good idea to put an editorial in the Wright newspaper, along with the one already going in Gillette's. Surface recommended, when speaking about the possibility of building, "I think we need to stay away from numbers and speak about investment in the community, we don't know how long it will be or how much it will cost. It could not happen till 20 years from now." Everyone agreed to revise the paperwork before posting anything publicly. On to New Business, Lesley presented the Personal guidelines that need some update on the language in regards to worker's compensation. This guideline is just an update on language of sick leave and how the pay works. Vice-Chairman Matt Sorensen asked, "Is this in line with the county guidelines as well? Have the county commissioners already approved these?" Lesley explained that they are in line with the county and they have approved them.

Cisneros asked Lesley if she had any concerns with this change at all. "This is basically already a practice that is now being used," Lesley explained. Cisneros made a motion to approve, all approved.

Before the commissioners took a tour of the project at the Wright library, Library Branch Manager, Mandy Quarders, and Pam Bailey presented a program they have been doing for a few years at the library. Second, Third and fourth grade classes from Cottonwood Elementary school come over to the library to enjoy Storytelling adventures, where they listen to Bailey tells a short story or fable. "I try to tell a short folk tale to them that makes them think and then they can have time to go to the library to check out some books," said Bailey. Manager Mandy explained how this program has helped the community, the kids and the Library. "The teachers use this to help their curriculum with having the kids come over," Quarders continued, "We have patched up some holes in our collection and the teachers were asking for easy reading books, which we have been able to add."

Walking through the project at the Library, everyone was very impressed by the work that has been done and are very hopeful that this will be the last they will need to have fixed. After the walk, Director Lesley advised the board they will be having pictures taken some time in the near future to have posted at the main office. Meeting was adjourned.

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Original Publication Date: November 5, 2015

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