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Hundreds of people fly to Gilley's Grove to hear the big talent contest

Hendricks Pioneer of Hendricks, Minnesota

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Choir director, Chuck Daly finally decided it was time for a talent contest. "We have been practicing for five weeks now,'" he said. "And each one of us demonstrates so much talent."

The contest took place in front of hundreds of visitors from all over the country including Simon Cowell and Howard Stern from TV's big talent show, American Idol. They came searching for possible contestants for their show.

As director Chuck Daly drew his baton in front of the choir group, the singers proudly held up their note cards with words to "Happy Birthday."

Following the choir anthem, it was time for individual talent.

Gloria Mueller's presentation was a scene from Shakespeare. As she sounded out, "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou?", the cows put their tails between their legs, the birds flew to their nests and the Game, Fish and Parks Committee pulled the dead fish out of the dam. Because of limited mobility due to a cartwheel mishap, Gloria was unable to take her final bow. Dr. Z had given her strict orders to be careful when making further attempts at cartwheels.

As each survivor contestant presented his or her talent, tears welled up in Tim Fryer's eyes. He couldn't believe his fellow contestants were that talented.

Bonnie Christianson's snake charming talent was over-whelming. Her second talent brought people to the edge of their seats. She did a bird whistle with her mouth totally closed. People had no idea where the sound was coming from.

Vince Zylstra got a round of applause after his demonstration of the morse code. "Da-da-da-da-dat was wonderful," Chuck Daly said.

Chuck Daly's talent was singing off key and Tim Fryer's talent was talking like Homor Simpson. "If at first you don't succeed, give up!" he preached.

Chuck Daly presented his second and final talent of the night. For eighteen hours a day, he has been practicing tight rope walking. His talent found him laying flat on his back on the ground.

At the end of the contest, the visitors left with mixed feelings. Most of them wanted a refund on their plane tickets. Some of them just shook their heads and grunted. Simon Powell and Howard Stern remarked how it's one thing to have marketable talents. "These people? They will never be able to market their talents."

The votes are in.

Bonnie received two votes. One vote said, "My vote this week is for Bonnie. We cannot let the ladies get numbers on us guys."

Tim received three votes. "I vote off Tim Fryer. With Golf season winding up, the Golf Cars are starting to stack up and I hear rumors of a rock concert he'd like to attend." The other votes for Tim just stated his name, no reason.

Standing with only a backpack strapped to his back, Tim Fryer got choked up as he got ready to leave Gilley's. Chuck Daly cried uncontrollably. "Tim was my best singer. I'm left with Vince, Bonnie and Gloria" he sobbed.

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Original Publication Date: November 4, 2015

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