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Losing my glasses but finding a wonderful Halloween for grandkids

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For What It's Worth

"It will be the last place you look for it."

I've often said that when someone is looking for a lost item. Yep, it's kinda smart-aleckly.

But, it's typically always true.

It's not often I misplace things, although I do occasionally lose items.

Recently I was on a roller-coaster ride. It was at an amusement park in which I'd been on several rides.

But, on this one, I decided to remove my glasses and hook them in the neck of my golf shirt.

When I left the ride, wife Karen immediately asked where my glasses were.

They weren't attached to my shirt.

I quickly told the ride assistant that I'd lost my glasses and she calmly said she'd call the operator at the front to see if they were found.

After a few minutes, I asked how long

I'd have to wait to learn if they'd been found.

"It depends," she said, but never said on what it depended.

A few minutes later, I walked up to her as other riders had exited and she said no one had found them.

That was about to be a costly lost item for me.

But, another ride assistant said she'd look in all the cars as they came by her to see if she could see them.

Within a matter of moments, she pulled my glasses from the floor of the car I'd been in.

Whew, what a relief.

If you've ever misplaced something and then found it, you know what the feeling is like.

Last week we had to be out of state for a couple of days on family matters.

The temperatures were in the upper 80s-so warm, in fact, that shorts and tee shirts were the order of the day.

Then, when we returned to North Carolina on Sunday afternoon, it seemed winter had arrived.

The temperature dropping from the upper 80s to the low 60s under cloudy, rainy skies was a huge contrast to what we had been used to.

Karen and I wished we could have brought the temperatures and sunny skies back to North Carolina with us.

Our venture out of state required us to miss the local trick or treating, something we usually participate in.

We were able to stop in Myrtle Beach to trick or treat with our grandsons, Bright and Owen.

It was a real treat for us. The weather was perfect and a nearly full moon lighted the evening.

In fact, it may have been the first Halloween I've had to swat mosquitoes as the grandchildren scampered from door to door collecting goodies.

One thing I'd never seen, though, as the grand boys were trick or treating-one resident was handing out dollar bills instead of candy.

Son Brian, who walked up to the door with his boys, said the man had a wad of dollar bills and peeled off one for each of the boys.

When they got home, the dollar bills were cast aside for all the sugar-laden treats piled high on the kitchen table.

While we missed being with our granddaughters in Ayden for their trick or treating, we were surprised when Sarah Grace and Abby's dad Mark told us that the girls had not gone trick or treating.

"Why not?" I asked.

"They wanted to stay home and hand out candy rather than go out and get it," he explained.

And they apparently enjoyed it, too.

Mark said Abby replied at the end of the evening, "It was the best Halloween ever."

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Original Publication Date: November 1, 2015

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