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Holidays are here once again and flat roofs stink

Heavener Ledger of Heavener, Oklahoma

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After a long holiday weekend full of football and switching the channel every time that irritating commercial dared to come up on the television, it is back to work we go.

Irish the Wife had the week off, one of the benefits of being a teacher, and found it hard to get back in the groove yesterday. Actually, she finds it hard to get back into the groove every morning when it is time to go to work, but that's another story for another time.

We were blessed to get to see Khloe the granddaughter. No, really. She came to see us on the preliminary Thanksgiving dinner at Trish's relatives on Wednesday, again on Thanksgiving at Big Barb's house and Friday night she spent the night, thus robbing us of plenty of beauty sleep.

She isn't much on a crowd, something we share. Khloe likes to find a lap and stay snuggled in any time there is more than a few people around.

I'm kind of the same way, but can't find a lap.

The Heavener and Poteau Christmas parades are Saturday. Yay! The Heavener Chamber was once again hard up for judges and asked me to help decide which float is the best.

That sounds like a good way to hack off a large crowd, but hey, I can be bribed It's nice that both parades are on the same day. I prefer a Christmas parade at night, but at least a during the day parade provides more time to eat the candy, plus the pictures turn out better.

Our Lions Club is once again giving out sacks to the local youths at the library following the parade. Santa will also greet the young ones at the library after giving out his traditional "ho, ho, ho's" while riding atop a fire truck.

Depending on how the Heavener basketball teams doing Tuesday and Thursday, your Wolves and Lady Wolves could be playing in the finals at the Hartford tournament that day, so it will be a rushing around day.

Plus, Trish the Wife wants to take Khloe to see the Christmas lights at Wister Lake that night. I'm not sure Khloe will get a lot out of this. Last year, she slept when we tried to thrill her with the light display.

But then again, she was only five months then. I'm sure she will give us a running narrative on the lights. The only problem is she speaks in Khloelatin, which has yet to be translated.

Unfortunately, the week of Thanksgiving provides little in the news department so your friendly Ledger staff is struggling to fill this week's edition. As I write this splendid column early on Tuesday, the decision has been made to scale back from 12 pages to 10.

One of our able staff asked if we had enough copy for that. Uh, let's hope so! Otherwise, there might be many a house ad, which is what we use to fill space when there isn't actually enough stories to do so.

Part of the ceiling at the Ledger office looked like it was about to explode when we got to work Monday morning. Great. Just what we needed. I would like to give a suggestion, please. Do. Not. Use. Flat. Roofs. I'm sure that was all the rave back in the 1920s, but they are a pain in the booteramus.

I'm looking to have a metal roof installed on Ledger headquarters to hopefully stop the leaking, but nothing ventured and nothing gained yet. We will touch back on this interesting subject in the weeks ahead.

I was sorry to hear my old friend and coach Bill Kinsey passed away.

He was, without a doubt, one of the good guys. I was trying to remember how long ago I met him, probably 35 years or so. I don't recall Bill ever saying anything bad about anybody.

He helped coach our football and baseball teams and taught over in the elementary after retiring from the service.

Since his daughters were kind enough to be my friends, we spent a lot of time at his house hanging around May you rest in peace, Bill.

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Original Publication Date: December 4, 2014

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