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Gun discussion fails to happen at Council meeting

The Kalona News of Kalona, Iowa

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A potentially heated discussion about making the Kalona Public Library a weapons free zone failed to materialize Monday night.

With several gun rights activists at the meeting, Mayor Ken Herington defused any possibility of a heated discussion by starting the meeting off by stating that the Library Board had withdrawn its request to have the Library be declared a weapons free zone. Herington explained that the city had asked the Library Board members to be present at the council meeting to be involved in the discussion. He said it did not work out for the Library Board members to be present and therefore withdrew its request.

Library officials said they did not withdraw their request, but that there were no members available for that meeting. The matter will be brought up at the next Kalona Public library meeting.

Mayor Herington stated that there would be no discussion on weapons free zones at the meeting and that the city was moving on. He said it was up to the Library Board to bring up the discussion again.

Aaron Dorr of the Iowa Gun Owners organization asked the council if this issue would be coming up again in two weeks. Herington said it would not come up again unless the Library board made the request again and would be involved in the discussion.

Members of Iowa Gun Owners had circulated a one sheet flyer about their opinion of gun control. The circular accused the city of trying to criminalize gun owners who carry concealed weapons on city property Craig Morrison said he and other owners of concealed weapons do not support Iowa Gun Owners organization, but supported their Second Amendment rights.

The council approved the annual financial report of the city, which was the only item on the agenda.

That report showed that the city had total income of $4,682,470 which included $865,346 property taxes and $260,652 in other city taxes plus other revenues. Total governmental funds totaled $2,659,007. Proprietary fund totaled $2,023,463.

Expenditures totaled $4,964,464. The report shows $281,994 taken from reserves. The city has $2,836,810 in reserves.


Larry Christenson pointed out that he has noticed leaf burning in town and asked that the city remind people of the regulations on burning.

The city ordinance states that open burning will be allowed April, May, October and November from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

For more information on the burning ordinance and other city activities, see City Administrator Ryan Schlabaugh's report below on the front page.

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Original Publication Date: November 5, 2015

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