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Major items tabled by county supervisors until later meeting

The Kalona News of Kalona, Iowa

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The Washington County Board of Supervisors moved its meeting up to Monday due to Tuesday's elections. Many of the agenda items were tabled, however two weeks from now a couple big items will be on the agenda.

Firstly, the board again punted on the issue of whether to fund $10,000 for the renovation of the Washington YMCA as only two board members had anything to really say on the matter since the last time the issue was brought before them.

Chair Jack Seward Jr. stated constituents were split between whether, "It's a Washington City project and not a Washington County project" and the fact that the Y "provides services throughout the county"

Supervisor Richard Young said that those he talked to said they didn't feel comfortable using taxpayer money to help an institution that charged a membership fee.

Director of the YMCA Becky Harkema backed Seward's response that, "allowances are made for those who wish to participate, but aren't financially able to."

Seward agreed to postpone the discussion until next week with a vote in two weeks on Nov. 17-with the understanding that in that time, board members will go out in the community to get the opinions on the matter.

The board unanimously approved a fireworks permit for a memorial service on Nov. 8 and acknowledged the hiring of Edgar Gutierrez as a full time jailer, with four more part time positions and another full time position still available.

Finally, the Board of Supervisors passed a resolution to hold a public hearing on Nov. 17 to reconsider joining with the Washington County Hospital and Clinics on the refinancing of its remaining $14.9 million bond. There was a work session last Thursday to draft the resolution that remained unchanged in its wording, apart from the new date.

Seward, the board's key champion on the proposal, encouraged in his closing statement that those with questions to "please email those questions around and we will try to research them and get them answered."

He also stated that the county was currently teaming up with Van Buren, Jefferson, and Keokuk counties to jointly hire a mental health advocate who would work for all those counties since they do not have enough work for each of them to have their own advocates.

The Washington County Board of Supervisors will return to its usual Tuesday time next week.

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Original Publication Date: November 5, 2015

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