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Crystal Lake Hatchery is closed; slated to open again late autumn

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The Shasta County fish hatchery near Cassel is closed for environmental renovations and is expected to re-open in late fall.

The Crystal Lake Hatchery is closed to the public while a major environmental restoration is underway in nearby Rock Creek.

"Because there is so much construction work and equipment on the property, we had to close the viewing area and temporarily cancel tours to keep the public and the workers safe," said California Department of Fish and Wildlife Senior Hatchery Supervisor Linda Radford.

"We will continue to grow and plant trout during construction and will welcome back visitors as soon as possible."

Crystal Lake Hatchery spawns, raises and releases catchable rainbow trout every year for planting in northern California lakes.

It is one of 23 state-run hatcheries that provide millions of fish for California anglers.

The Rock Creek restoration project consists of re-routing the hatchery supply pipeline and moving a diversion dam on Upper Rock Creek to a new location downstream.

The project will create habitat for the endangered Shasta crayfish while maintaining a continuous, clean water supply to the hatchery via a water recirculation system.

The hatchery is scheduled to be closed to visitors for most of October and November.

Visitors may call the hatchery at 335-4111 for more information and updates.

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Original Publication Date: October 21, 2015

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