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Coast Life Support District to add fourth rig to its fleet

Independent Coast Observer of Gualala, California

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A fourth ambulance will be added to the fleet of the Coast Life Support

District, though only two ambulances will be on call at any given time. All four units will be rotated into and out of service on a regular basis to evenly distribute wear and tear on the vehicles.

The CLSD board, at a special meeting on Monday, unanimously voted to purchase the vehicle, and finance its $142,621 cost over five years. (The purchase had been discussed at several previous regular meetings.)

Each ambulance run from the district to a hospital in Santa Rosa and back can roll up the odometer by 150 to 160 miles, according to District Administrator David Caley.

With about 500 transports per year, the district incurs a total of about 50,000 miles on its ambulances, said Operations Manager Evan Dilks. By expanding its fleet of rolling stock, the district can reduce wear and tear on each vehicle and allow for regular maintenance without straining its resources.

Caley said the four vehicles are easily outfitted on a day-to-day basis as either Advanced Life Support or Basic Life Support units, depending on what equipment is loaded on board. Whatever actual vehicle is on the run, if it is outfitted as ALS, its designation is Medic 120; when on a BLS run, its moniker is B-121. (When necessary and if qualified personnel is available, the second ambulance may also make an ALS run, then designated Medic 122.)

The fourth ambulance is similar to the rest of the current fleet, a truck-style 2015 McCoy Miller Type I unit. It should be delivered by the end of November, Dilks said.

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Original Publication Date: November 6, 2015

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