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Payroll problems need to be resolved

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We reported in both last week's and this week's edition about the Oct. 21 SAU-23 Board meeting.

The first thing that should raise hackles is that the initial draft of the budget has differences in totals from one report to the next. The business manager said she knew why but had neglected to bring documentation with her to the meeting.

This is the latest in a long string of miscues and mistakes from this office. This fiscal year, there have been numerous problems, we have been told, related to the administration of payroll at the central office from payments to individuals no longer employed at the district to non-payment of individuals still employed at the district.

Oh dear. Perhaps it's time to try something different?

Then there is the proposed budget for the next fiscal year. What is SAU-23 Superintendent Don LaPlante-thinking? Is he even thinking? He is proposing raises for different personnel. Is anyone else getting raises of 11 percent this year?

He's only here until June 30. Why does he think he can spend other people' money like there's no limit? Doesn't he understand that property taxes are so high now that people can't pay them or are forced to try to sell their homes to get out from under..

So taxpayers, now is the time. Contact your school board members and let them know you want level funded budgets. Let them know we can't afford this champagne taste. After all, Social Security recipients are not getting a cost of living raise for 2016. Where are they supposed to get the money to pay for all these perks and extravagant salaries?

It's time to take a stand and just say no!

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Original Publication Date: November 4, 2015

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