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City Council Accepts Land Rent Bid, Discusses Water Tower Building and New Computers for Public Works and Police Departments

Ivanhoe Times of Ivanhoe, Minnesota

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The City Council voted unanimously to accept Jeff Jerzak's sealed bid of $175 per acre for the City of Ivanhoe's agricultural land. Craig Hansen, Lenny VanOverbeke, Shad Lipinski and Mayor Dennis Klingbile were in attendance with Craig Larson missing. There were 3 bids total to rent the roughly 48 acres in Ivanhoe's Industrial Park. Though the highest bid was $180 per acre, Jerzak has been renting the land since before 2003.

"For the many years I have rented this land; I have done a lot of rock picking, tree trimming, and keeping it weed free. I would like you to consider my bid along with my dedication to the land," Jerzak wrote in his bid to the City Council. City Council Member Lenny VanOverbeke said, "he's been taking good care of it and has quite a bit of time invested in it. My personal opinion is to go with Jeff [Jerzak]. The bid is fair enough and he does a nice job." VanOverbeke made the motion to accept Jerzak's bid which was seconded by City Council Member Craig Hansen and passed with a 3-0 vote. The total cost to place a building over the valves in the pit under the City of Ivanhoe's water tower is going to be about $16,000. The 10' by 20' building will cost between $6,000 and $7,000 Rural Water told Mayor Dennis Klingbile. The City will also have to pay for piping, meters, a new pressure control valve and wiring for the heating system. Mayor Klingbile said he thinks Rural Water will begin the project sometime in the beginning of 2016.

City Administrator Tammy Guza informed the Council that Adam Panka had attempted to fix the Public Works' computer at the city shop. The computer is still running Windows XP as its operating system, which Microsoft no longer supports. The Department of Health did some upgrades and Public Works Director Fred Marczak can't get on their system anymore, so he needs a new computer. Panka quoted that a new computer tower would cost about $650. Mayor Klingbile asked, "Matt [Siegfried, Ivanhoe Chief of Police] hasn't bought a new laptop yet has he?" VanOverbeke made the motion to authorize the purchase of new computers for Public Works and Police Departments. It passed with a 3-0 vote.

Mayor Klingbile said that that the VFW has been discussing at their meetings about trying to find a spot in Ivanhoe to place a memorial to honor those who have served in the military. He asked, "If we found a spot in the City, would the City donate that land to the VFW?" VanOverbeke said that he didn't seem a problem with it. Mayor Klingbile concluded that it could take a while to put together as it took Westbrook, MN VFW nine years to complete their memorial.

City Council Member Shad Lipinski asked about the Profit Losses status for the City's departments. Guza explained that the Ivanhoe Ambulance does not look good because they purchased a new cot for the ambulance. Ambulance Manager Dean Leibfried told her that they normally have 80 runs a year and they are at about 50 right now for this year, so their numbers are down. Leibfried also said that the Ambulance is currently well outfitted and shouldn't need any new equipment for a while. She continued that the Ivanhoe Fire Department looked fairly good. They appear to have a small loss because they haven't received the State Aid that should be coming in before the end of the year. The Library's numbers are looking really good this year because Librarian Sue Vizecky has been cutting back on the purchasing of books and movies to try to keep her budget in line. Ivanhoe Liquor Store will need to have a public hearing before the end of the year because it has operated at a loss for two out of the past three years. ILS would have operated in the positive in 2014 if it weren't for the increase in professional services as a result of the Sales Tax Audit and adjustment of obsolete inventory. Guza continued that the City has received quite a few Rehabilitation loan applications in the last few weeks. She said, "We will probably run at a loss this year, but that's ok because all that means is we've given out more than we've gotten in since you've done a lot of loans in these last three weeks." The City Council set their annual Budget Meeting for Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 5:30 PM upstairs in the City Office. The next regular session City Council meeting will be held at 7:30 PM on Monday, November 9, 2015 in the Ivanhoe Community Center.

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Original Publication Date: November 5, 2015

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