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Vernon Police Department Hosts Women's Firearm Class

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Twenty-eight women showed up at Saturday's firearms familiarization class with different skill levels but all went home with greater confidence in defending themselves or their families.

The class was hosted by the Vernon Police Department at the City Complex Auditorium. This was the third such class with interest growing each year.

The basics of handling a gun were covered but gun laws and self-defense proved to be hot topics.

The women had questions such about carrying a concealed weapon and when to shoot versus when not to shoot.

A few takeaways from the class: If someone breaks into your home and you retreat as far as possible, they are showing intent to harm if they continue to pursue you.

In self-defense cases, size and gender are considered.

If you are going to carry a gun, you must be prepared to shoot if necessary.

There are many types of guns in various sizes. The shooter should choose one she can comfortably handle. A 22 can be as deadly as a 45 if you know how to use it.

If you carry your gun in a purse, you can shoot through the purse if necessary. Also, consider a purse with a holster.

Be proficient shooting with one hand so that you have the other to help ward off the attacker.

In a traffic stop, keep your hands on the wheel while you tell the officer you have a gun. They don't know you and don't like surprises.

And, finally....

If you are attacked, it's all about winning the fight.

Special thanks to Vernon Mayor Glenn Crawford, Deputy State Fire Marshals Jason Clifton and Ray Cumby, Vernon Police Officers Eric Tew and Steve Thompson, Marion County Sergeant Billy Pendley and Alabama Conservation Enforcement Officer Darin Clifton for their support of this event.

Jason Clifton said they would like to have another gun class next year and will discuss possible dates.

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Original Publication Date: August 26, 2015

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