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Music and ministry equal passion for worship

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Group of local musicians to share Christian contemporary worship music Nov. 12 at Rosie's Sit-a-Minute

Renae 'Grooters, owner of Rosie's Café, is opening her door to a local band for a night of praise and worship Nov. 12 starting at 7 p.m., featuring Christian contemporary worship music.

The band is made up of five locals, each with a unique role: Joel Dewit, Joe Vander Zee, Mike Kurrle, Matt Miller and Beth Vander Zee. The event started as an opportunity for a new venue for the band to practice.

"When they approached us, they asked if it was OK to just get together and do some praise and worship on a Thursday night, and then we thought about leaving the store open and getting it out there that they would be here and let anyone join us," said Grooters. "We don't have a finishing time, we're just going to see what the spirit does. The biggest ministry that we try to do here is just glorify God, and that's why they're coming," said Grooters.

Dewit, bassist for the group, was one of the first to consider playing at Rosie's. "It gave us a reason to keep practicing and find a place to perform," he said. "Our style is more contemporary, and it's all worship music that we'll be playing. I love music and I love worshipping that way."

Ministry is a strong theme at Rosie's Café. "We wanted to be able to bless the Haitians by selling their merchandise, and when we started doing the coffee part of it we wanted to bless the local people, so I think by having the band that night it would just bless everyone," said Grooters.

"Somehow we're all attached to a similar mission: the service of humanity," said Miller, the band's keyboard player. "We're all serving churches in some way, so we're all serving the same God, which is a common thread that has inspired us to do this," he said.

This isn't the first time Rosie's has opened its doors. "All kinds of ministries have gathered here, from Bible studies to meetings of pastors, and I think the group wanted a non-denominational place, no church doors, just a place to worship," said Grooters. While each member of the band may play a different part, each has a common approach to their music. "We are basically just a group of local musicians who just really love playing music, and we all have a common passion for music as our means of praise or worship," said Beth, the group's female vocalist. "We all are ferociously passionate about music, and we're pumped about being together and being this little collage of people," said Miller.

The band members have known each other for years and, over time, discovered their common love for playing music. "A couple of us like more of a rock style, a couple of us like a hip-hop style," said Joe, the group's drummer. "Everybody is really talented, whether it's with their vocals or their ability to play their individual instrument. We have a few up-tempo songs and a few laid-back songs, and we're just letting each individual talent shine through. Music has brought us together, and faith has brought us together," he said.

Playing at Rosie's was the perfect opportunity for the band to share its music in a new environment. "It's not about recognition and making money or anything, simply because we enjoy making music together. It's just a really cool venue and they have a similar passion for worship. It's a way for us to connect with God, and we hope that we can help others connect too," said Beth.

"I'm excited about playing at Rosie's," said Kurrle, another vocalist and guitar player. Growing up in California gave him a love for live music. "Some words that popped into my mind is community and unity, because it's cool that you can get together anywhere in public and play worship music, and Rosie's seems like a great place, so what better place in town to play."

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Original Publication Date: November 4, 2015

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