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Three county roads' bridges closed for repairs

The Tuskegee News of Tuskegee, Alabama

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Residents on Macon County Road 9 will have to endure a little congestion and a detour for a while due to the replacement of three county bridges.

The Macon County Road and Bridge Department has closed a portion of County Road 9 to through traffic to replace the bridges. The project will replace the structurally deficient bridges that are not capable of supporting a fully-loaded school bus.

"We have been blessed to receive money to have these bridges replaced through state funding," said Louis Maxwell, chairman of the Macon County Commission. "The money we received through the ATRIP funding was much needed."

The total cost for the bridge replacement is $2,060,800. The county will have to pay a match of $412,160. That means the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program (ATRIP) is providing $1,648,640 of the funding to replace the bridges. The ATRIP Program is a federal aid highway program that pays up to 80 perhaps of construction costs to improve roads, highways and bridges.

On Monday, Feb. 24, County Road 9 was closed approximately three-tenths of a mile south of the intersection at Chesson Court. The project will take approximately nine months complete. Weather will be the determining factor in how quickly the project can be completed.

"We are going to work with the contractor to get the work done as fast as we can," Maxwell said. "But we cannot do anything about 'Mother nature.' We are asking the citizens to be patient with us and we will be working as quickly as possible."

There are many ways to detour around the area of construction. The

Road and Bridge Department has laid out the routes as following:

Vehicles traveling south on County Road 9 will be detoured to the right on County Road 2 and travel west approximately 7.6 miles to U.S. Highway 80; turn left onto U.S. Highway 80 and travel west approximately 3.3'miles to the intersection of U.S. Highway 80 and Montgomery County Road 107 (Marler Road); turn left onto Marler Road and travel south approximately 4.5 miles to the intersection of Marler Road and Alabama State Route 110; turn left onto Alabama State Route 110 and travel east approximately 1.1 miles to the intersection of Alabama State Route 110 and Montgomery County Road 2; turn left onto Montgomery County Road 2 and travel east approximately 5 miles to Macon County Road 9.

Vehicles traveling north on Macon County Road 9 will follow the same route. However, the route will be traveled in the opposite direction. Detour signs will be in place for public convenience. Macon County Road 9 may be traveled to U.S. Highway 80 in order to bypass Macon County Road 2.

Citizens are encouraged to call the Macon County Road and Bridge Department at (334) 724-2619 with any questions.

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Original Publication Date: February 27, 2014

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