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Woman reprimanded for calling 911 to report fire I Kudos & Complaints

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Kudos for councilmember's coffee chats, complaints over parking tickets

We received one kudos and four complaints regarding local police and/or firefighters for our Kudos and Complaints series after the last one ran in September.

Here is the 11th of a bimonthly look at the kudos and complaints from around Mukilteo.

Every two months, The Beacon requests to see emails sent to the "city via and/or through the "Contact Us" form on the city's website. Both kinds of messages end up in the same inbox.

The following are 10 kudos and complaints sent in September and October. The city has addressed all complaints.

Kudos: "Kudos to the Mukilteo Police Department for excellent community engagement behind Mukilteo Elementary. As a mother who walks her children to school, I know that road and crosswalk safety has been an issue there. Cpr. Tony Falso's presence at one of the busiest intersections behind the school signaled to me that the city cares about the safety of our children walking to and from school. I appreciated the time he took to answer my questions. He listened, engaged and offered solutions. I now have ideas to offer on how residents can improve road and crosswalk safety, thanks to his tips!"

Complaint: "I got reprimanded by a firefighter after I called 911 to report a fire in a backyard with lots of smoke. He said I should have asked the residents what was going on. Sorry, next time I will go over and ask complete strangers what they are doing. I just saw residents moving #out# of the house last week, so I assumed it was empty. Sorry you firefighters are so busy, and that this was a waste of your time and resources. Sorry I'm a wimpy, scared, old lady who was worried about #fire#. Thanks for your service..."

Kudos: "Kudos to Mukilteo City Councilmember Christine Cook for taking the time to have Coffee Chats at both the Mukilteo Library and Rosehill Community Center. Christine actively listened and gave consideration to the diverse views of the citizens in our community."

Complaint: "We had our wedding on the Light Station grounds and a reception in the picnic shelters at Lighthouse Park. We chose the venue several months ago, at a time when there was no charge for parking. We were required to pay to park for our wedding. Also, parking was limited to four hours, though we had rented the shelter for 15 hours. This strikes me as very problematic. I suggest that you find some way to allow for event parking, possibly even paying for day passes. This was one added stressor that made our special day a little less special."

Kudos: "I just wanted to thank you for putting together a safety page on your city website! As the program coordinator for a youth group in Kansas, I've been looking for public safety guides for kids and parents. (With Halloween approaching, we've been putting together some trick-or-treating safety information.) After starting this project, I decided to take it a step further and do general safety and crime prevention information. Thanks again for putting these resources together!"

Complaint: "I recently went to Diamond Knot to celebrate a co-worker's retirement. I parked in a space right in front. I saw no signs indicating there were restrictions on parking there, and found a ticket when I returned to my car. I understand now about your paid parking policy, and will pay the fine. However, I take issue with the officer who wrote the ticket. She was standing there, watching me as I parked, yet she said #nothing# to me about this policy Clearly, she was more interested in collecting revenue than educating a nonresident. Her behavior was deplorable."

Complaint: "My family and I frequent the trails, and we've noticed over the years many dog owners don't abide to the leash rule. I have nothing against dogs, but when I encounter one that is running at me, it's hard to know if it's friendly or on the attack. I understand that dog owners know their dogs, but I don't. I do want to thank dog owners who do leash their dogs, and I enjoy sharing the trail with them. Is it possible to have more signs posted about the rule?"

Complaint: "I received notices that the Comprehensive Plan and Downtown Waterfront Master Plan hearings will be held on Oct. 5, which coincidentally falls on the Monday of a Seahawks game. As I'm aware that others have requested these topics be discussed at a different meeting, I assume public input isn't a priority or valued."

Complaint: "Our son's vehicle was recently cited for facing the wrong way, parked out in front of our home. The ticket will be paid. However, I think some simple community policing efforts — like knocking at the door, introducing yourself as one of our officers, and asking that the car be parked properly — goes a long way. I am in the business, as well. I know good policing when I see it. This was not. Here was a simple opportunity to make a positive impression. It's much more civil than just riding by and slapping a ticket on a window."

Complaint: "Please turn the school zone lights on behind Mukilteo Elementary when our students have early dismissal at 12:45 p.m. I'm tired of seeing cars drive 30 mph down the hill. Many of them are not stopping for our students in the crosswalk. We need the police to patrol this area, even when the school zone lights are activated, because many cars still speed. I work as a substitute for the district, and I see this is a huge problem both behind the school and on the Mukilteo Speedway in front. Please help keep our children safe!"

The Beacon will print reader kudos and complaints of 100 words or fewer on a space available basis. We reserve the right to edit for brevity, grammar and taste. Send yours to

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Original Publication Date: November 4, 2015

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