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Bittersweet Goodbye

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Beloved Tax Commissioner Prepares to Retire

Meriwether County Tax Commissioner Marlene White will be retiring this month.

White was elected in 2003 after working for Pete Johnson, the former commissioner, for 6 years.

White very much enjoys her job and said the main pull for her to retire is her mother-in-law who is in need of a caretaker.

"It is a bitter-sweet goodbye, a little frightening, to be honest, I have worked since I was thirteen, it will be a change not to have to get up and dressed and be somewhere on time."

WHITE will contiue to stay involved with the city by attending meetings and being more involved in the Lions Club and Chamber as a volunteer.

She also plans on traveling to see her children and three grandsons.

"I love my job, I enjoy working with my staff and the community.

There is only one part I didn't like and that was sealing someone's home, it broke my heart, but it is something that has to be done sometimes," White said.

Most of White's staff have worked with her for upwards of 11 years and has become like family to her.

She described her staff by saying "there is a fine line between boss and friend, and they say the two can never meet, but they can, as long as your staff understands and respects you."

White's staff is giving her a grand retirement party just before her last day to say goodbye and thank her for all she has done over the past years.

White's memories of her job are happy as she says, "If you find a job you enjoy, you will never work. I'm retiring because its time to let the younger people take over. I know they have been trained well."

'There is only one part I didn't like and that was selling someone's home; it broke my heart.'

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Original Publication Date: September 11, 2015

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