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I have a few favorite column themes that I get to write about every year and two of them just happen to land in November. Thanksgiving and Veterans Day.

It is never hard to come up with material for either one of these special days. In fact, the columns can kind of overlap each other.

Veterans are very dear to my heart and I certainly am thankful for them. And while I have been known to exaggerate, there really is no way to over-exaggerate the importance of American veterans.

Where would we be without them? Think of World War II. If we hadn't had a strong military, men and women who were willing to leave their families and fight for the world, where would we be? Take a minute to consider that. Honestly, where would we be?

Here's something to think about. There are 319 million people in America. There are only 22 million veterans. Think about that. That is less than eight percent of the population who signed up to protect our freedoms and the human rights of many countries. We really do need to thank them. Thank you. Thank you for serving and protecting a world that sometimes doesn't treat you very well. I'm so sorry for that. God bless you and your families.

Locally our school students and staff do a good job of supporting and honoring our veterans for Veterans Day. Please attend one of the assemblies on November 9 at the schools. The times are listed on page 1.

Veterans need to be there and citizens need to be there to honor them. Our younger generation needs to see and know how important our veterans are.

Please think about attending. It really is the least we can do for what they did, and still Ho for hi

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Original Publication Date: November 4, 2015

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