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H & R Organic Farms brings new enterprise to Knox County

The Munday Courier of Munday, Texas

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It's been a dream that has taken 2 years of hardwork to come to fruition but H & R Organic Farms is going full steam ahead.

Located near Rhineland, the dream child of Lee Rowland and Glenn Herring is a 100% self-sustaining and totally symbiotic farm on approximately 150 acres. Using God's incredible diverse creation and without the use of GMO seeds, animals or harmful petroleum (chemical) derived products such as herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers the farm has grown from humble beginnings to being able to provide food items to the public and to businesses who wish to utilize the organic products.

Joined by Herring's brother and son, and also Rowland's brother, 5 15,000 gallon fish tanks are now home to Tilapia and the tanks are also connected by underground piping to the aquaponics greenhouse located door. The fish are fed high pro-tein organic feed and their diet of duckweed, red wiggler worms and soldier fly larva are completely raised on the far.

Free range chickens will soon be laying eggs in their mobile chicken coops. The coops are made from rebuilt cotton trailers and feature a trap door in the bottom of the trailer. The chickens are transported in the mornings to a fresh field where they dine on hay graze, insects, red wiggler worms used in the site composting section. In the evening the chickens return to the coops and the trap door is closed in order to protect the birds from predators.

In the greenhouse six lush types of lettuce, 3 types of tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, broccoli, peppers, strawberry's, herbs/spices and numerous other items still to be determined based on best performances will be raised. In the future outdoors crops will include melons, corn, wheat, potatoes, carrots, onions, etc.

In their efforts to keep the farm completely organic the waste generated by the greenhouse or outdoor grows will be consumed by the red wiggler worm composting bins to make fresh organic fertilizer and compost tea to fertilizer for the farm.

Plans for the future include adding milking goats and a commercial milking barn that will enable the milking of 50 nannies twice daily and the majority of that will be made into goat cheese and butter. The waste produced by the goats will be consumed by the red wiggler worm composting bins.

Hopes are to utilize 3 acres of the land for growing grapes for consumption.

Another ten acres is set aside for future crops like black cherries, peaches, pears, pomegranates and other products that will tolerate the diverse weather conditions of west Texas.

H & R Organic Farms is now open on Mondays from 8 - 5 for the public to come and purchase the amazing products organically grown in Knox County.

For other information please feel free to contact Lee Rowland at 940.203.1948 or visit their website at

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Original Publication Date: November 7, 2012

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