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Beyond Orphan Sunday

The Munday Courier of Munday, Texas

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Sometimes I'm completely overwhelmed with the sadness and reality of how many homeless kids are out there, with no one to love them and take care of them. As I sit here right now, sobbing over a video I just watched of some of the ones I have come to love in Ukraine. They are called "the lost boys" because they are literally hidden away in a small village there. Even people who live there seem to not know they exist. Or, may it would be better said this way......they don't want to know they exist.

This past Sunday was known as Orphan Sunday 2012 in many churches and other organizations around America and other countries. It began when an American man visited a church in Zambia, Africa. The pastor of this church was passionate about orphans, and about his congregation caring for the needs of the local orphans. And even though this church and its people faced deep needs themselves, at the end of the service, they stepped forward with food, money, and other goods, and some even took off their own shoes and placed them in the offering for the local orphans. The American visitor was so moved by their compassion and love for these children, that in 2003 he brought the idea to the U.S.

In our own church yesterday, we saw a film tided, "Depraved Indifference." It's basically about what I mentioned above. Instead of a village not wanting to acknowledge mese "lost boys", we as a society don't want to acknowledge the orphaned children in this country or any country because we see it as NOT OUR PROBLEM. Guys, it is our problem. God made it our problem. He knows we know, and He holds us responsible to ACT. You can see the film on You Tube. It's only about 6 minutes long.

If you missed doing something for an orphan on Orphan's not to late!

Do it now. Do it right now. PRAY, ADVOCATE, DONATE, ADOPT.

And don't forget my little guy, Orson. He is our families Christmas Angel and we are trying to raise $1000 to go into his grant fund to help with his adoption expenses. This money will go to the family that chooses to make him their son. You can go to my blog at and there is a donate button there, or you can go to the Reece's Rainbow Angel Christmas Tree website, click on his picture and donate that way. Or you can send me your donation and I will get it to RR. Mail to, PO Box 55 Munday, Tx. No amount is too small. Thank you and Orson thanks you as well. Be blessed.

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Original Publication Date: November 7, 2012

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