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Julian Elected As Magdalena Mayor

Mountain Mail of Socorro, New Mexico

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MAGDALENA - Voters in Magdalena have chosen Sandy Julian as their mayor for the next four years. Julian won with 139 votes, 49 percent of the votes cast for mayor. The second largest vote getter was Jack Fairweather with 109 votes, or 38 percent. The third mayoral candidate, Trustee Barbara Baca received 36 votes.

In an interview, Julian told the Mountain Mail that her priorities were to "work on the emergency services; EMS and Fire Department."

"They need some help in recruiting more EMTs," Julian said. "I will give them all the support they need in that area.

"I will also focus on the village assets. We have to find a solution for the BIA dorms, and keep our streets maintained," she said. "I know the economy is pretty bad and the state government is short on money, but we need to keep plugging on it every day at the state level. It's not going to be an overnight thing."

Julian said she will also give emphasis to finding ways to help the youth of Magdalena.

"I think the young people in the village need to be doing something positive instead of negative," she said. "We need to develop some kind of recreation for them."

Julian was previously a village And for the second time within a month, Francish said: "I represent the corporation and I don't represent the members."

Wolberg said, "bu represent the co-op!"

Trustee Charlie Wigner got into the act, referring to several documents which could be used to raise the question of fraud in regard to the granting of insurance to the trustees

Francish said, "Who committed the fraud?"

Wagner shuffled some papers and after a couple more heated exchanges, the trustees voted to go into executive session.

Earlier, Wolberg unveiled an informal survey regarding the relationship between the co-op and its members.

Some of the highlights include:

When the question was asked should the SEC trustees have term limits? 241 answered yes, 51 said no and 16 were not sure.

Should SEC member/owners be able to vote ny mail, electronic, absentee or telephone balloting? 303 said yes, 7 responded no and four were not sure.

Should the number of SEC trustees be reduced in number? 203 said yes, 95 said no and 17 had no opinion

Should the SEC trustees receive paid medical insurance for service? 41 said yes, 262 said no and 11 had no opinion.

Do you have confidence in the SEC Board of Trustees? 31 said yes, 288 responded no and 14 had no opinion.

Should SEC trustees receive compensation and necessary expenses for service? 258 said yes, 43 said no and 21 had no opinion.

In other business:

The co-op received a favorable review from the USDA Rural Development. The letter said the coop's facilities are being adequately operated and maintained and that the cooperative has an effective operations and maintenance program. The only two recommendations were that the co-op should maintain the line equipment and continue to perform inspections and treatments of poles on an annual basis.

General manager Polo Pineda announced the hiring of Jason Baca of Veguita and J.J. Apachito of Magdalena as linemen.

The co-op also will install a new computer software system and the cost is $37,000. Wagner questioned why the co-op did not seek competitive bids.

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Original Publication Date: March 4, 2010

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