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Will Put Cameras on School Busses

The Western Star of Coldwater, Kansas

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Meeting this Monday evening, the USD 300 Board of Education started off its November meeting with a presentation by Gayla Brice and Valeria Higgins, representatives of Gatekeeper Systems, Inc., on Gatekeeper's school bus security camera systems.

Their 45-minute computer presentation showed how the cameras worked in the busses, and how they had been developed. They explained a number of options and said that if the board decided to purchase the cameras for the USD 300 busses, they could be here and installed within the next two weeks.

The cost total quoted to equip five busses with a pair of cameras and a GPS in each would run $6,265.85.

District Transportation Director Daniel Hess said that he and District Technology Director Tony Smith should be able to handle the installation of the camera systems in the district's five regular route busses. If they install them, however, they would wait until Christmas Break.

Superintendent Mike Baldwin recommended that the district purchase recorder/camera systems for five route busses with two cameras on the two smaller route busses and three cameras on the three larger route busses.

After considerable discussion, the board voted to authorize Supt. Baldwin to purchase the new security camera systems for the five busses, spending up to $10,000 including installation and three additional cameras which were not included in the original bid. In other business, the board: Approved payment of monthly bills in the amount of $440,259.98, in addition to the October payroll of $209,332.16. The total bills paid included $87,348 in state "flow-through money" which is passed through the district directly to the special education cooperative. Those "flow-through" funds will total $ 191,697.07 during the current school year.

Heard Supt. Baldwin report that financially the district is now about $635,000 ahead of where it was a year ago.

Heard a report from elementary and high school physical education teacher Jaymi Westrup on the variety of programs she is using in physical education classes with the different age groups Voted to continue the district's participation in the county wide Neighborhood Revitalization Program for the next three years Approved a classified contract for Mrs Debbie Gearhart as assistant cook at the South Central Elementary/Middle School.

Approved a supplemental contract for Matt Smith as the assistant middle school boys basketball coach Accepted the resignation of Kayla Snyder as assistant middle school volleyball coach.

Heard South Central Middle School Principal Matt Jellison report on a meeting he had been to on assessments and accreditation, and the changes involved for South Central teachers and administrators Heard Principal Jellison report that the recent School Carnival had raised around $3,600 which will be spent on various educational supplies and equipment.

Heard Principal Jellison report that parent-teacher conferences were not as well attended as in the past, but he attributed that to the fact that parents can check on their students' progress through the district's web site.

Heard South Central High School Principal Ty Theurer talk about problems encountered with the state assessment testing.

Heard Principal Theurer report on this Tuesday's Bi-District football game and the possibility of playing in the next game the following Saturday Heard a report from Principal Theurer that a benefit last week for Tracer Hazen had brought in funds in the neighborhood of $2,000 Heard Supt Baldwin report that since state revenues had dropped $6 million since July, he questioned what that would do to the state's funding of school districts.

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Original Publication Date: November 5, 2015

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