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Fireworks for sale may not all be legal to set off

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Just because some consumer fireworks may be legally sold in Arizona does not mean they can legally be set off, warns the Arizona Department of Fire, Building, and Life Safety.

Cities, towns, and counties have authority to limit the use of approved consumer fireworks within their boundaries, including during times of high fire danger.

Approved consumer fireworks include the cylindrical fountain, cone fountain, illuminating torch, sparkling wheel, ground spinner, filter sparkler, toy smoke device, wire sparkler, dipped stick sparkler, party popper, snap cap, snake sparkler, glow worm, and multi-tube fountain.

' Unapproved fireworks are the bottle rocket, sky rocket, missile-type rocket, helicopter, torpedo, Roman candle, firecracker, aerial shell, and mortar.

Visit the Arizona Department of Fire, Building, and Life Safety website at online for more information.

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Original Publication Date: January 2, 2013

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