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Raider of the Week Jasmine Macias claims, "I'm really just a boring person." Coach Brad Harvey notes she's the second-highest scorer, and "One of the hardest-driving girls we have." In addition to basketball, she plays shortstop in softball, is an academically superb senior, was royalty at Homecoming, babysits her young nephew, and is looking for a part-time job. We should all be so boring.

Macias remembers a couple of "coast-to-coast" fast breaks against Glendale Prep. "Sometimes I feel a little guilty doing that, but if it's open I have to try." She notes that the team's greatest challenge is how the mood of one player affects the others. "If someone is up we all get up, but if they're down we all tend to follow. We've played some good quarters but not complete games and can't seem to get everyone up at the same time." Macias has a lot of respect for her coach, noting that he is a "great motivator and really knows the game."

In keeping with her "boring" persona Macias won't admit to Facebook or social media though she does like country music. "I play to stay fit, study, eat, sleep. You see, just boring." Her mother, Norma Macias, just laughs at Jasmine's description of herself

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Original Publication Date: January 15, 2014

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