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Humphreys County Arrest Report

The News-Democrat of Waverly, Tennessee

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The following is Humphreys County Arrest Summary Report for the week of February 7 to February 14, 2011. The aires t report is a matter of public record at the Humphreys County Sheriff's Department. Individuals listed in the report are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. This record reflects all county law enforcement agencies.

Grundy, Sandra Ann, 19, Criminal Trespassing, FTA

Clark, Shane Anthony, 21, VOP

Cooley. Stacey Diane, 30, VOP

Guadalupe, Jose Alberto, 21, Criminal Simulation, Driving without License

Owens, Geoffrey Donnell, 20, Underage Consumption

Dubose, Moses Jer-maine, 26, Domestic Assault

Box, Marcus Carnell, 26, Sale of Marijuana

Norwood, Julie Ann, 31, PWC

Yarbrough, Michael Landon, 46, Sale of Sched II Drugs in School Zone

Shaver, Jason Van, 41, Sale of Meth, Sale of Sched of Sched II Drugs

Ponder, Jonathan Lloyd, 18, Domestic Assault

Wilson, G., 28, Ca-pius Sexual Battery by Authority Figure

Mays, Henry Lee, 43, 3 Cts. Sale of Sched H Drugs in School Zone

Capps, Brandon Ray, 23, Resisting Arrest

Goodman, Justin Lynn,2!, VOP

Rinaldo, Jeannie Sue, 26, Criminal Trespassing

Eggler, Donald Cald-wall III, 36, Domestic Assault, Poss of Legend Drug, Poss of Sche IV For Resale 3x

Original Publication Date: February 18, 2011

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