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7th/8th Graders District Champions

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The Rec Center 7th/8th grade Central Linn Cobras baseball team won the Senior National District Championship. They squeaked by the Dallas-Mosley team in the first game of the playoffs by the score of 5-4. They also won a close 7-6 game against West Albany-Leeper. They lost the rematch with Dallas-Mosley 8-2 and played another game to determine the Senior National Championship since it is a double elimination tournament and both teams had one loss. The Cobras beat Dallas-Mosley for a second time by the score of 9-5 to win the championship.

In the game against Dallas, both teams' defenses shined and neither team scored until the fifth inning. The Cobras had plays such as Dylan Thompson tagging first base and Caleb Beach striking a batter out to keep Dallas from scoring in the first two innings. In the third inning, Caleb Beach pitched well by striking three batters out to continue to hold Dallas scoreless. The Cobras continued to play good defense in the fourth inning, with Sarah Conner catching a fly ball and later getting the ball to Dylan Thompson at first base to get a runner out. Conner then struck a batter out.

In the top of the fifth inning, Sarah Conner tagged two runners out at first base before Dallas got on the board first when a runner stole home. The Cobras kept Dallas from scoring again when Dylan Thompson struck a batter out. The bottom of the fifth inning went well for Central Linn starting with Sarah Conner getting a run off a balk (an action where the pitcher pretends to pitch but doesn't. If anyone is on base, they move to the next base) to tie the game at 1-1. The Cobras continued to play well with Caleb Beach stealing home to give the Cobras the 2-1 lead and Josiah Hair got a run off another balk. Central Linn scored again when Luke Schaffroth got a run off a hit by Cody Baker and Baker scored off a hit by Dylan Thompson to put the Cobras up 5-1.

In the top of the sixth inning, Dylan Thompson got the ball to Sarah Conner who tagged a runner out at first. After Conner tagged another runner out at first, Dallas chipped away at Central Linn's lead with a couple of runs to make the score 5-3. Dylan Thompson prevented any more scoring by getting a strikeout.

In the top of the seventh inning, Dylan Thompson tagged first base and Cody Baker caught a fly ball. Dallas continued to chip at the Cobra lead with a run to get within 5-4. Caleb Beach struck a

Dallas batter out for the third out and preserved the Cobra victory.

"To be in a tight battle like that against a good team and keep our heads," Coach Mike Beach said about what the team did well. "I'm really proud of them."

"Our pitching was really good. That was a good hitting team, (holding them to) four runs was an accomplishment," Coach Beach praised his team. "They had good pitching, too. For us to get five runs in an inning was pretty magical."

Coach Beach knows this tournament will be difficult. "Every game this weekend is going to be a battle, so we have to be on top of our game to come out on top," He concluded.

Central Linn got off to a fast start in the final game of the tournament and successfully kept Dallas-Mosley from scoring with plays such as Dylan Thompson tagging first base. Other good plays included Josiah Hair and Caleb Beach getting the ball to Dylan Thompson who tagged first for a couple of outs. In the bottom of the inning, the Cobras hit the ball well as Sarah Conner scored off a hit by Tanner Reister to get Cobras up 1-0. Dylan Thompson got a hit that brought in Tanner Reister and Caleb Beach. The Cobras scored again when Luke Schaffroth got a hit that gave Josiah Hair a run to give the Cobras a 4-0 lead.

Dallas got a run early in the second inning, but after that Central Linn shut them down with plays such as Riley Branson catching a fly ball and Caleb Beach tagging a runner out at second base. Sarah Conner struck a batter out for the third out. In the bottom of the inning, the Cobras got up 5-1 off a run by Hunter Mclrvin. Caleb Beach then got a hit that brought in Dylan Day and Riley Branson. The Cobras got a couple more runs in when Sarah Conner and Caleb Beach scored off a hit by Dylan Thompson. The Cobras commanded a 9-1 lead at the end of the second inning.

The third through the fifth innings were defensive battles where neither team scored. Dallas had a pitcher that Central Linn had a hard time getting a hit against. The Cobras had several good defensive plays during those innings. In the third inning, Josiah Hair tagged first base and Sarah Conner and Nick Chase caught fly balls. In the fourth inning, Dylan Day and Caleb Beach caught fly balls and in the fifth inning Cody Baker and Josiah Hair also caught some fly balls. Hayden Holbrook had a strikeout in the fifth inning as well.

Dallas started making a comeback in the top of the sixth inning. They got four runs in to cut the Cobra lead to 9-5. There was some good defense by the Cobras in the inning with Josiah Hair catching a couple of fly balls and Riley Branson catching another fly ball. Dallas had another good pitching inning and shut down Central Linn again.

The Cobras had a good pitching inning in the seventh inning with Caleb Beach striking out all three Dallas batters to put an end to Dallas' comeback and come away with the victory.

"It's an awesome feeling," Coach Mike Beach said about winning the tournament. "I'm so happy for the kids."

"It feels great," Nick Chase said about winning the tournament. "They beat us once and we beat them twice."

"We all thought it was going to be closer," Hunter Mclrvine said.

Despite Dallas making the game interesting in the last few innings, the Cobras were still confident they could win. "We thought we had a big enough lead," Hayden Holbrook said. "And Caleb had our backs. Me and and Dylan Thompson gave us a big enough lead."

Dylan Day said, "When we had four in the first, then five more runs we knew we had a solid lead." Cody Baker acknowledged that the tournament wasn't easy and that it took a lot of effort to win it. "During the tournament we faced a lot of good teams," he said.

The Cobras will play in the state tournament this coming weekend.

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Original Publication Date: July 15, 2015

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