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Old Political Labels Don't Work Anymore...

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It is time for the Republican Party to accept that gay marriage is now the law of the land, and then move on, thereby ending one element of the culture wars. It is also time to accept that Obamacare is going to survive. The Republican Party should work to make it a better plan for the citizens, not try to destroy it. The Supreme Court has made both positions very clear and to continue to fight against the cultural changes that are clearly prevalent among the American public will just end the party as an effective counter to the Democrats. We could easily become a one-party political system.

Sometimes it feels like we already are nationally, since both parties seem equally under the influence and power of the rich, the elite, corporations and public employee unions. And Oregon is clearly a liberal Democratic state with almost no Republican power left in Salem.

Gay marriages are here to stay, and in a democracy, that may be appropriate. I would have preferred a different status for gay couples, but that fight is over. I have no problem with two people being in love and joining together in a lifetime partnership. That is what marriage needs to be, a lifetime commitment, whether straight or gay. (Two people though, not more.)

In my opinion, what the gay community needs to do now is to back off from demanding that every person and every business bows to their wishes. The Oregon couple who refused to prepare a wedding cake for a gay couple has been fined $135,000 and has now lost their business. The horrible thing now is that the State of Oregon has attempted to take away their free speech rights and has required that they not comment on the legal issue and/or their religious beliefs. I believe the state will lose this issue when it reaches higher court. The couple is now out of business and is refusing to keep silent. They may face jail terms for exercising their free speech and religious liberty rights. That situation needs to be fixed. It does not serve the gay community for their zealots to try to force those who disagree with them into bankruptcy, jail, or silence. Their cause has been won. Now is the time to declare amnesty, demonstrate tolerance, and allow all citizens to be free to express their opinions and their religious beliefs.

The Obamacare program should be changed into a single payer system. Currendy in my opinion, the Democratic Party sold out to the insurance industry and to large hospital corporations, that now have power over the cost of services to citizens. A single payer system would put the power into the hands of individual citizens, where it should be. One of my themes is to give the power to the people and cut out the government bureaucracies and the extremely wealthy who currently maintain their power over our political system.

If the Republican Party does not turn toward moderate positions on social issues, then I believe it will lose its standing as a major party. I have been tempted to switch my party affiliation to the Independent Party which now has the status as a major Oregon party. That new status allows Independents to vote in primary elections.

I find Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and Senator Marco Rubio as good choices for Republican candidates for US President. Among the other 11 candidates, I am not particularly impressed. And I am very negative toward Donald Trump. He is an embarrassment.

And since I am moving politically toward a populist, but conservative, (Libertarian?) stance on issues, remaining a Republican will depend on what the party does nationally. We know it is basically dormant at the state level or at least as it represents the citizens of the Willamette Valley.

So I believe that old political labels do not work anymore. I hope that power can be taken back by average people, and taken away from the rich, greedy and powerful. However, I have not a clue how that might happen. Hope is a positive quality, so I will continue to have hope for the future of our country.

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Original Publication Date: July 15, 2015

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