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Cat Deaths Result in Kennel Vote

The Harris County Journal of Hamilton, Georgia

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"We just want to take care of our animals," sobbed Mertise Langford.

For many people, especially older people, pets become as close as family members and sometimes closer.

Unsuccessfully fighting tears, last Tuesday evening Langford told the Harris County Commission how a neighbor's dogs attacked and killed two of her cats which resulted in her seeking a special use permit for a kennel.

The property is located at 15589 Ga. Hwy. 315 in the Ellerslie community. The property is zoned A-1 Agricultural and a Special Use Permit for a kennel is allowed in A-1 and C-4 zoning.

UNTIL the two cats were allegedly killed by the neighbor's dogs, Langford reported being unaware that Hams County restricts the number of pets to three without a kennel permit.

Currently, Langford and her husband have four kittens and four small dogs.

Langford described repeated problems with her neighbor regarding letting his dogs roam, and told commissioners the dogs had been on her property Monday evening.

It was reported, though the disposition unconfirmed, the owner of the dogs has been before the commission appealing the dogs being classified as "dangerous dogs."

While no one offered comments for or against the request, two people did address the commission.

One person reported no problems with the Langford's pets but did express concern over the limited number of pets allowed.

Another person echoed those comments saying most people are unaware of the limit and said he had likely violated the ordinance.

Both the Planning Commission and staff had recommended approval of the special use permit.

There was some discussion concerning the number of pets allowed and about pets allowed to roam free.

County Attorney John Taylor said that while leash laws exited in some areas, primarily in subdivisions, there were no county-wide leash laws.

The special use permit for a kennel, allowing Lang ford to keep four cats and four dogs was approved with the provision she would not have more than four cats and four dogs

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Original Publication Date: October 8, 2015

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