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Extreme Couponing Class Teaches How Easy It Is To Save Money

Mt. Zion Region News of Mt. Zion, Illinois

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Those looking for a way to reduce their grocery bill found ways to save recently through an Extreme Couponing class offered by Mt. Zion Parks and Recreation Department. The class was led by Linda Sabo, who has been saving with coupons for four to five years.

The first topic was where to get coupons. Sabo recommended subscribing to at least 2 newspapers. She also mentioned several places where you can access online printable coupons. Another type of coupons are blinkies, which are little machines that dispense coupons of grocery aisles.

Peelies are coupons on a package that you can peel off and use right as you are Checking out. Hang tags are coupons that will sometimes be on soda or other jars or bottles. Other sources of coupons can be on samples, inside boxes and by e-mailing manufacturer's.

Sabo stated coupons rotate every 6, 8, or 12 weeks. She recommends not using coupons until a product goes on sale. "If you want to save money, you've got to do every little thing you can," Sabo said "buying at full price is still not a good deal." She also shared that coupons should never be copied because that is fraudulent.

Sabo also gave those at the class coupon organizing tips. She stated there is no right or wrong way to organize coupons just whatever works for you. Some options for organizing include envelopes, plastic shoebox or accordion binders. She utilizes a binder that she separates by food and non-food items.

Sabo uses baseball card holders to separate out her coupons in her binder. With a binder she recommends including a calculator, notebook and ink pen and scissors with you to the store. She also recommends taking expired coupons out once or twice a month so you can stay organized.

Another type of coupon that Sabo talked about was a catalina, which is a coupon that is on the back of a receipt or printed after your store receipt. A filler is an item you purchase so you can reach a minimum total to get a deal. Sabo also talked about stacking coupons which is using a store coupon and a manufacturer's coupon on one item.

She also talked about stockpiling basics. "I do a lot of stockpiling especially in the winter time because I don't like to get out in the nasty weather," Sabo said. She suggested to help with stockpiling you should make a list of 25 items that you use regularly.

Finding a place to store you stockpile is another important step. Sabo suggested places such as cabinets, closets and underneath beds. She stated basically anywhere you can place a sealed plastic storage container is fair game.

For canned goods Sabo suggested using cardboard boxes to store canned good you are stockpiling. Another option for your stockpiling can be a garage if it is heated and cooled. Something very important for stockpiling is remembering to rotate you inventory, first in, first out. Sabo also stated that the items you choose to stockpile should have a six month to a year shelf life.

She also shared how to save money on your groceries. The first tip is to try and wait for good sales before using your coupons. The second tip is to go through your grocery ad and check out the sales before you make a list. Sabo also stated you should check your coupons to matchup with your list.

She also stated that if something is on sale and you have coupons that you can stockpile, do so if you can use the item or you can donate it.

Sabo also had tips for when you get to the grocery store. She suggested that every time you put an item in your cart taking out the coupon and putting it somewhere so you're ready at checkout. Sabo also suggested checking clearance areas for bargains and seeing if you have coupons for any of the items there.

She also reminded those in attendance to scan their store savings cards. Sabo also stated you can stack store coupons with manufacturer's coupons if they are for the same item. Piggybacking is using two manufacturer's coupons at once.

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Original Publication Date: November 4, 2015

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